The Crazy Cake Lady

When I think about my two sisters, a certain thought is usually close behind: “How in the world am I related to them? I’m pretty sure there’s a mistake somewhere.”

Sometimes that’s meant to be taken as a compliment to them, because they’re pretty awesome, and I’m not sure I belong in the middle of that.  Sometimes it’s meant to be taken as a compliment to ME, because they’re also pretty dadgum WEIRD, and I’m not sure I belong in the middle of that either.  (I can say that because they’re my sisters.  If you say it, I’ll fight you, because they’re my sisters.)   Either way,  I’m often convinced that they or I was swapped at birth.  Or dropped on our heads.  Or something.

Today, however, I am going to showcase a little bit of awesomeness about one sister in particular. And it’s so amazing that I’m once again questioning, “How in the world am I related to her?”

My little sister, Janie, has turned into The Crazy Cake Lady.  Seriously.   I don’t know where it came from, but I certainly did not get THAT gene.  She has always loved to bake and has done some pretty impressive stuff over the years, but lately she has seriously lost her mind and gone into a baking frenzy.  Like at 3am.  And the stuff she is producing is incredible.  INCREDIBLE.  The woman is a genius baking maniac.  I can’t even describe it.

But luckily, I can show you.   In the midst of this baking frenzy, The Crazy Cake Lady has started a blog called The Sugar Waltz.  And folks, it will make your mouth water.  She has blogged before, but never on a super-consistent basis…and now we know why.  She didn’t have the right topic.  But give her a blog about cakes, and she can wax eloquent for hours.  And I for one, giddily anticipate each new post, mainly because I am in awe that we share some of the same genetic material.  If I were to attempt something like that, yall would call me The Crazy Cake Lady for a totally different reason…emphasis on crazy.

But not Janie.  She is baking through a cookbook in a year, except that it’s a CAKE COOKBOOK. And I’m not talking about Duncan Hines out of a box.  These are fancy schmancy cakes with ingredients that I don’t know how to pronounce.  And french names.  And they make me wish I was capable of cooking something more advanced than a PB&J.

So if you want to be impressed, and also be tempted to ask the same question I ask, “are you SURE you’re related to each other?” … then head on over to The Sugar Waltz.  This is my sister, folks.  And she’s awesome.


3 thoughts on “The Crazy Cake Lady

  1. I can’t believe that’s your little sister. I thought she was still 10???

    And I also can’t believe that SHE cooks that stuff?? I think I gained 10 lbs just looking at the pictures.

  2. That is one amazing task. Makes me want to quit my diet just to try making one. The finished products look beautiful. Bonne chance de cuisson et bon appetit, Janie.

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