Children of God

words by Mac Powell, 2010

Praise to the Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ
Our God and our King, to Him we will sing
In His great mercy, He has given us life
Now we can be called the children of God

Great is the Love that the Father has given us
He has delivered us
He has delivered us

Children of God, sing your song and rejoice
For the love that He has given us all
Children of God, by the blood of His Son
We have been redeemed and we can be called
Children of God
Children of God

A mystery is revealed to the universe
The Father above has proven His love
Now we are free from the judgment that we deserve
And so we are called the children of God

We are the saints
We are the children
We’ve been redeemed
We’ve been forgiven
We are the sons and the daughters of our God

This morning we had an incredible worship service at church.  The focus was on adoption, which is a subject that is very close to my heart for many reasons (I posted about some of those reasons in this post last year.) We had the presentation of a new ministry at our church called JOY (Jesus, Orphans, and You), which will focus on serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of orphans through various ways.  The presentation and video made me cry.   Josh (our missions teammate and the Minister of Community at our church) preached an amazing sermon on the doctrine of adoption.  He preached the gospel in a beautiful way that deeply resonated with me and brought me to tears.  Then we sang this song by Third Day, which is one of my personal favorites.  I couldn’t keep it together.   It was a precious, precious hour when God touched my heart and reminded me again and again about the sweet Father-daughter relationship He has with me, but also of the sacrifice He made in His Son so that I can be His child.

This is the video that accompanied the presentation of our JOY ministry.  It features the above song, if you have never heard it.

(If you cannot see the video, click here to watch)

The sermon has not been uploaded to the internet yet, but if you would like a link to it so that you can listen, let me know and I will send it to you whenever it is posted online.  It will stir your heart to celebrate the wondrous and “foreign” love the Father has for His children.  And it just might stir your heart to provide a tangible example of the gospel to the world by considering adoption.  Either way, it’s worth a listen.

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday.  The Bonhams certainly did (:


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