Months 9-10

(I have way too many pictures to include them all here, so I uploaded them to facebook.  You can view them here, even if you do not have a facebook account.  And make sure you check out the video at the end of this post!)

The past two months have been insane.  Let me sum it up for you.

Month 9: The month started out with Bronchiolitis.  We were just on the tail end of it, and at the beginning of February we finally kicked it altogether.  Then I got slammed with the flu.  I’ve never actually had the flu before, and I would prefer to live the rest of my life without ever having it again. It was miserable.  Then I passed a little of the miserableness to Nate, and he got the flu too.   Then the next week Barrett got the stomach bug.  Then he gave it to me.  Then I gave it to Nate. (Noah held strong on that one).  Then Barrett got a really nasty cold. Then he gave it to his brother.  Then Barrett got an ear infection.  Then I loaded them up, drove to Chattanooga, and dropped them off with their grandmother. And that’s how the month went.  Don’t you wish your February was just like mine? Oh yeah, and they were both teething.  It was stellar.

Month 10: The boys spent a week with Nate’s mom in Chattanooga, where they were loved on and spoiled to their hearts’ content.  Meanwhile, Nate and I were in Atlanta getting approved as missionaries with MTW! We got back and hit the ground running with support raising. The boys continued to pass green noses back and forth, but it wasn’t quite so bad.  The teething continued.  Our newest teammate was born. We said goodbye to my hair.  Nate’s been crazy busy.  I’ve just been trying to hold down the fort in the midst of the wonderful chaos.

But of course, our busy schedule didn’t stop the boys from learning all sorts of new things… several of which I wasn’t ready for.  Like mobility.  But more on that later.

First, the basics:  Noah is weighing in (as of today) at 23lb 12oz.  Barrett is barely tipping the scales at 17lb 2oz.  So in case you were wondering, they are still the chunk and the string bean.

As for sizes in everything, it’s all pretty much the same.  Noah is in 12-18m shirts and 12m bottoms.  Barrett is all over the map.  I have such a hard time finding clothes for Barrett because he has such a skinny little waist and pants just fall right off of him. But if I go down to a smaller size, everything is too short.  So either his ankles show, or the top half of his diaper.  It’s a lose-lose situation.  Of course Noah doesn’t have it much better.   His pants are either too tight in the belly or too long in the legs.  And his belly hangs out of pretty much everything he wears.

he got himself into this position and couldnt get out. Check out those legs. (and there's a story behind that hat...)
Compare these legs... and no, he is not wearing pants. But he is wearing shoes. Just go with it.

Their routine has changed slightly… Up at 7am, naps at 9:30 for about an hour and a half, then afternoon naps around 1:30  for about 2 to 2.5 hours.  Then bedtime at 7pm.   This isn’t a big change from before, but pushing the morning back slightly has started messing up the afternoon nap a little, and I’m trying to figure out how to get it back on track.   We had a week or so of craziness, but now it’s getting more stable.

Noah...I don't know how that's comfortable.

Meals are about the same.  Bottle/solids around 7:30am, bottle/solids around 11:30am, solids around 3:30, then bedtime bottle around 6:30.  I’ve given them lots of new tablefoods lately, but they’re going through this weird phase where they don’t want to touch anything that’s wet.   Noah has decided that chicken nuggets might are the greatest invention on the planet.  The sounds he makes while eating them are disgusting…. bad enough that Nate has sworn off chicken nuggets for the rest of his life.   They’ve also had peas, carrots, green beans, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fries, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, potato salad, tortillas, toast with jelly, nutragrain bars, rice, chicken spaghetti, pot roast, taco meat, tortellini soup, lots of various kinds of fruits, and a chocolate chip cookie.  Some days are better than others for solids.  I usually just give them crackers/puffs/cheerios/goldfish, etc and then a little bit of whatever we’re having.  But we’re definitely not ready to move to 100% table food.

Barrett better watch out or his lunch will get swiped...and not by Noah for once!


And of course, Noah eats anything.  With Barrett, it’s hit and miss.  But he has started to get a system going, so at least I know whether or not he wants something.  If I give him something new and he thinks he might eat it, it stays in the middle of the highchair tray.  If he decides he doesn’t like it, it gets moved to the cupholder.  Once a food item has been moved to the cupholder, there is no going back.  It has been banished.  And if you move it back to the tray, he gets mad and puts it right back in the cupholder.   But at least I know on the front end where he stands on the issue.

The cookies made the cut. The beans, unfortunately, did not...banished to the cupholder!

As far as developmental changes go, MOBILITY has been the thing for this month.  Even though I know this isn’t “real” mobility and that I’m in big trouble when the walking comes, this has been a big change in itself!!  Noah is belly-dragging all over the house.  He can pretty much get anywhere he needs to go.  Just in the past week, he has started doing major cruising…. he walks from furniture to furniture and can cover some pretty good distance.   Barrett doesn’t want to crawl at all.  He has decided that his primary mode of transportation should be holding on to someone’s fingers while trying to walk to his destination.  This is terribly fun for him, and extremely time consuming for his assistant. But he’s cute, so we go with it.

Noah's on the move...comin' after the camera.

They have both started pulling up, especially Noah.  He has started standing in the bathtub (which makes me nervous) and the crib (but can’t get back down).  Barrett pulls up occasionally, but usually only if he wants something in particular, like the remote.  Or his ring, which is his “lovie” of choice and deserves an entire post in itself.   And they are both trying to stand on their own but so far can only go a few seconds at a time until they need something to grab onto.

And while Noah is focusing on all of this physical development, Barrett is working out his brain instead.  It is so funny to see all of the new things that he learns and picks up on, because those little wheels are turning 24/7.  He has an attention span longer than mine, and he studies things –and people– really intently.  He loves little games, and once you play a game with him once, he remembers it and gets excited the next time.  He is quite the mimic (see “Bulldog face“), and will repeat all sorts of things, whether I want him to or not.  Sometimes I can get him to say words, although he doesn’t know what half of them mean!  He also loves music, instruments, beat-boxing, or anything else that makes a sound.  He has even found the one little bar on his crib that makes a whistle when it turns, and he spins that thing CONSTANTLY, just to hear the sound.

Speaking of words, they have both said their first words.  Barrett’s was “da-da.”   It started out just as a sound he was repeating when I said it, but eventually he realized there was a meaning behind it. It didn’t take long.  Noah’s first word was, of course, bottle, or “baba.”  Shocking, I know.  They both say “hey.”  Neither of them will say mama.   Most of the time it’s just really intense babbling….and usually Barrett’s rants include lots of hand motions.  There are lots of words that they understand though, even if they aren’t saying them:  bottle, night-night, kitty cat, jump, kiss, ring, crunchies, puffs, mama, daddy, and I think they know the word shoe, but I’m not positive about that one.

It’s crazy how much of a difference 2 months has made.  Especially this last month.  I can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that I’m going to be celebrating their first birthday pretty soon, or that they’ll be walking before I know it.   I need time to slow down just a little, because I’m having a hard time taking all of this in!


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  1. I love to read your posts, this is such a great way to let everyone know how you are all doing. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, Nikki!

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