Bulldog face

So the other morning I jokingly said “Hey Barrett, look,”  and proceeded to make a bulldog face at him.  You know, when you stick your bottom teeth out so that you have a crazy underbite and growl.   So I made one for Barrett.

Big mistake.

You see, Barrett is a mimic. A great and talented one. He copies anything and everything I do.   I can even get him to say words. Of course he has no idea what the meanings are, but he’ll repeat sounds, expressions, motions, whatever.  I get a big kick out of it.

Except for the fact that he doesn’t ever forget things.  Once I teach him something, he remembers it, and he proudly displays his newfound talent for all to see.

In this case,its the bulldog face.  All. the. time.  I can hardly get the kid to smile anymore.  All he wants to do is look at people, stick his 2 bottom teeth out, and growl.   So now I’m pretty sure people who pass us in the grocery store think that Barrett is a couple cards shy of a full deck, if you know what I mean.

That’s the cute version.  Here’s the full on, intense, growling version:

Beware the bulldog.


3 thoughts on “Bulldog face

  1. No, not a bull dog………Barrett’s pappaw will make sure he keeps it up! Georgia bulldogs.
    Love you guys, mammaw

  2. Ok, its official, this week my favorite is Barrett. I know I change my mind weekly and love them both….but this week, the favorite Bonham twin award goes to Barrett..

    also, you better just hope you dont screw up and curse in front of him or he might be saying it to everyone ;)

    Such a cutie, i need to see him and his mamma soon!


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