Meet Emily.

I have had a goal for about 5 years now.  A very lofty goal, yet it was one I knew I could accomplish with my secret powers of manipulation.  (I actually have none of those, but I tell myself otherwise.)

Upon becoming friends with Emily Kines, it became my life’s purpose to convince her to take all of her humor, wit, sarcasm, and general quirkiness and wrangle it down into a condensed yet super potent and totally awesome BLOG.  Of course I wanted her to throw a little bit of her wisdom and godliness in the mix as well, because she’s got a good heaping portion of that to share on top of everything else.

And even if you don’t know Emily already, there’s a good reason why you should get to know her.  In addition to being an awesome friend, she’s also going to be my partner in crime for a significant portion of my future.  And by “partner in crime,” I mean “teammate on the mission field.”  But more on that later.   So if you know me and plan on following my journey, you should start following hers too…because they’re going to overlap, for better or for worse.

Believe me, if you are going to keep up with her, you’d better get ready to laugh. Hard.

And the only other thing that I have to say about the matter is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  It only took me 5 years. Welcome to the blogosphere, Emily.  You will make it a better place.

(*Note- I’m pretty sure I’m not the reason she started a blog, but I’ve been nagging for long enough that I’m totally going to take credit because she can’t stop me.)


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