So. stinkin. tired.

I haven’t posted in awhile because we had a little bit of craziness around our house.  Barrett, Nate, and I all came down with the stomach bug, although thankfully not all at the same time.  Both of the boys also have nasty colds, and Barrett has an ear infection, which is no fun. Plus I was trying to plan for a trip and get my whole house cleaned really well before we left.  Craziness.  Blogging somehow got overlooked…sorry about that.

But it still might be a few days before I’m fully back to posting regularly.  Nate and I are in the middle of a training/preparation/evaluation/information/seminar week with our missions agency, and we’re getting blasted with so much information from morning to night that I can hardly think to string a sentence together in the evenings. So, regular blogging would require an amount of energy that I just can’t muster this week.

And I also miss my boys so much that it is seriously making me crazy.

But I’ll be back next week.


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