Valentines Day

For Valentine’s Day I got a positive flu test.  It was awesome.  So now we’re all staying over at my moms house so that my parents and Nate can tag-team the babies, because they won’t let me get near them.  I’m about to go crazy.  Barrett keeps looking at me with these pathetic puppy dog eyes, wanting me to pick him up and I can’t.   At one point I laid down on the floor near them while they were playing, and I got yelled at by everyone in the house.   And they’re right, as much as I absolutely hate it, because you can’t treat the flu in babies until they’re a year old.  So if Noah and Barrett come down with it, there’s not a thing I can do but ride it out.  So they’re much better off spending a few days playing with their daddy and grandparents and letting me get well.

As long as my fever stays down, I feel decent.  But as soon as my temp starts to rise, I feel like I’ve been hit by a train.  Everything hurts.  So now I’m just trying to stay on top of my meds so that my fever doesn’t go up too high.

Thankfully, the doctor (my sweet brother-in-law), says that it shouldn’t last too long, especially since we caught it early.  I should be feeling back to my normal self in no time.  I’m counting on that, because I’ve got a big weekend planned!  I’m really hoping that I’ll be doing better by Wednesday or so, but we’ll see.

So this year I’m especially thankful for my sweet Valentine who is taking care of me and the boys, despite his ever-growing to-do list.  And of course for my parents, who are graciously letting me bring all of my nasty flu germs into their house and turn into a medicated zombie while they babysit and feed my family.

Happy Valentines Day, yall.  I hope yours is better than mine.


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