Identity Crisis

On days when we don’t leave the house, the boys wear pajamas all day, just because its easier…and really, who cares?  Of course, sometimes they wear 3 pair of pajamas over the course of the day because of the crumbs and drool and all-around stickiness.  So I just switch out one pair of pajamas for another pair.

But on days when they are going to be seen by a human being other than me, I dress them in real clothes.  But I keep noticing that I always end up dressing them in particular styles.  Noah always ends up looking kind of like a clean-cut, straight-laced all-american boy — khakis, sweaters, clean lines, things that say “varsity” or “MVP.”     Barrett, on the other hand, looks a little like a casual punk — hoodies, graphic tees, faded jeans, shirts with line-drawings of electric guitars or monsters.   I don’t do it on purpose, and I don’t really know how it keeps happening.  Maybe its some subconscious projection of some future expectation – maybe I’m expecting Noah to turn out as a preppy, argyle-wearing, Pleasantville-esque athlete, while Barrett is going to be one of those guys who wears hoodies, graphic tees, and flipflops everywhere he goes because he’s such a genius that he can get away with it.  Kind of like Mark Zuckerberg except nicer.  Of course I really hope they don’t end up like either of those stereotypes, but you get my point.

And honestly, I think the reason they always end up dressed like that is because they wear two different size clothes, and each size wardrobe just happens to be different styles.  I haven’t bought very many clothes for them because they get so many hand-me-downs from friends and family, so they’re pretty much just stuck wearing whatever they get.  And right now, it turns out that the 6-9month stuff is casual punk, and the 12month stuff is preppy jock.

Here’s what they were wearing yesterday.

Orange and navy double tee with a picture of a yeti on it that says “Yeti or not, here I come!”  with jeans and basketball-themed skidders (shoes).  He also had a gray knit beanie on when we left the house.  And here’s a closeup of his shoes:

And here’s Noah’s outfit from yesterday:

Navy long-sleeve tee, khaki cargo pants, and brown dress shoes.   He doesn’t have any cool sports-themed shoes because his feet are too fat to fit in them.  So he wears these instead, propagating his reputation as a preppy who wears dress-shoes to run to the grocery store.

I have a feeling that once Barrett moves up to the 12m clothes and turns into a preppy all-american, he is going to have an identity crisis.  And I haven’t taken the time to look and see what style the 18month clothes are, so Noah’s future style-personality is unknown at the moment.   So if these boys grow up to be kids who change their entire personal identity through their clothes every few months, we’ll know where it stems from.  At least that should make the therapy easier.


One thought on “Identity Crisis

  1. I still think its your subconscious. Also, I leave Clark in PJs all day too when I have him and we’re not going anywhere. Kelly makes fun of me for it. What a turd.

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