Month 8


I should warn you that I took 810 pictures this month. It might be kind of difficult to choose which ones should go in this post. But I’ll try.  And I know that not many people want to read all of these long updates, but I absolutely love having all of this recorded for my own sake.   So if you want to just scroll through and look at the pictures and ignore the rest, I wont judge. (Actually, I won’t even KNOW).  It’s more for my own memory anyway (:

Thursday, the boys hit the 8 month mark. I won’t say how hard it is to believe that they’re already 8 months old, because I’m pretty sure I say that every single month.  (But its true.)   I said last month that it seemed the boys suddenly turned into big boys instead of babies, and this month brought even more of the same.   They’re suddenly doing all sorts of things I wasn’t expecting.  Plus I’m pretty sure Barrett turned into a 10-year-old sometime during January.

I’ll start with the basics:  I don’t know how much Noah weighs, but based on his last weight check (and his growth since then), I would estimate around 22 and a half pounds, maybe 23.    Barrett was weighed a couple of weeks ago at the doctor, and he came in at 17lb 6oz.  I dont know their height or anything, but I think they’re within about a half inch of each other.   Barrett is in 6-9m clothes (although they’re a little baggy), and Noah is in 12m… and even some of those are a little snug.   I actually had to stop putting him in sleep-n-plays because I couldn’t get them to zip anymore.  His fat little belly and thighs just refused to be squeezed into such tight quarters!   So now he’s stuck wearing two-piece pajamas because that’s all that will fit. And sometimes his belly still hangs out.  He’s definitely a chunk.

As for a few other sizes,  Barrett is wearing a size 3 shoe and a size 2 diaper (although I am about to move him up when this next pack runs out).  Noah is in a size 4 or 5 shoe (depending on the shoe) and a size 3 diaper, which is getting snug.

At the moment, they both still have just the two bottom teeth, but I am pretty sure Noah has another one (maybe 2) about to break through on the top.  Barrett probably won’t be too far behind.  They’re showing all the exact same symptoms that they did the last 2 times they got teeth, so I’m pretty sure we’re due for another batch.  It’s not a fun process for anyone involved.

And speaking of teeth, they’re really using them these days.  I introduced the boys to some finger foods this month and they have LOVED it.  I started with some puffs.  They knew the puffs were supposed to go in their mouth, they just weren’t quite sure how to get them there.  But within a day or so, they had both figured it out, and it has been non-stop finger foods ever since.

So far they’ve had puffs, cheerios, lil’ crunchies, pinwheels, mum-mums, cut up bananas, mandarin orange pieces, and green beans.  Barrett especially loved being able to feed himself, and he actually went on a pureed babyfood strike for about a week.  He refused anything he couldn’t put in his mouth himself.  Thankfully, the strike is over and he’s back to eating normally again, although I’m pretty sure I should not be having battles of will like this with an 8-month old.  Isn’t that supposed to come later?

I'm also pretty sure I shouldn't be getting THIS look from an 8-month-old either.

As far as their routine goes, things are still pretty steady, although it has changed a little as they’re getting older.   They still eat 4 meals a day:  bottle and solids at breakfast, solids and sometimes a bottle at lunch, solids and sometimes a bottle around 3, and a bottle at bedtime.  Usually they end up having 3 bottles (although occasionally its just 2) and 3 solid meals each day…the same amount of meals, just a different combination of foods.   It’s funny how their meal preferences are different though – Barrett wants a bottle and finger foods.  Noah wants mostly babyfood…although he’ll gladly eat anything I put in front of him.   When I could see that they were trying to drop a daytime bottle, I panicked a little and wondered “what if they don’t get enough to eat??”   Then I took one look at Noah and realized that isn’t a problem.  So I’m just kind of going with it – they get a pretty good combination of everything, and they seem to like it that way.  Although it does make me a little sad that my babies are growing up!

Sleeping hasn’t changed too much this month.  They nap from 9-11 and 1-3.  Noah still takes a short catnap around 4:30 or 5.  If he misses it, I have to put him to bed really early because he just can’t make it until 7.   Barrett wakes up after his afternoon nap at 3 and just hangs out until bedtime.  I put them down at 7pm and they sleep until 7am or so.   Although there are certainly days when naps are all over the place (especially with the sickness and teething this month!),  usually they are pretty consistent.

One thing that has changed a little this month is that the last hour before bed (6-7pm) has gotten alot rougher.  I’m not sure what the reason is, maybe its just because they’ve been sick, but I am hoping we can get a handle on it.  They’re usually pretty irritable during that hour, and there’s not much that will make them happy.   I have found that turning down the living room lights and turning on something soothing like Praise Babies with soft music helps alot.   If I make them a little pallet on the floor they’ll usually lie there and snuggle while they watch it.  But if there’s much activity going on, they are fussy and whiney.   For some reason they get overstimulated really easily in the evenings. But I think that’s normal, right?

Most of the other new things this month have been good things – like learning to eat fingerfoods, give kisses, stand up while holding on to something, and play little games.   Barrett has learned to growl and does it ALL THE TIME.   They’ve mastered the art of sitting up and can sit and play on the floor for really long periods of time.   They’ve started getting baths in the real tub while sitting in bumbo chairs, and they LOVE it.  They love splashing each other (and me!)

They’ve also started wanting to be together much more.  I can leave them in a room alone together and they are fine, but if I take one of them out to change a diaper and leave the other sitting on the floor alone, he gets upset.  They don’t always have to have ME around, but they want each other around.  They have also started getting excited when they see each other in the mornings or after a nap.  And they have just started trying to get each other’s attention by grunting.  Barrett especially will work really hard at getting Noah to turn around and look at him, then smile and laugh at him when he does.  They are also so interactive with us now, and I love it.  They want to mimic everything I do, and sometimes we spend an hour just making noises or motions back and forth.  They love it, and it usually ends with big hearty belly-laughs.

Unfortunately not all of the new things are positive.   I’ve had to start saying “no” and correcting them pretty regularly, which happened ALOT sooner than I was expecting.  Noah is a toy thief and steals everything from Barrett, which hurts Barrett’s feelings and makes him cry.   He wants everything Barrett has, no matter what it is.  I am constantly saying “No, Noah. Don’t take things from your brother,” and handing it back.  Barrett has started learning from this and has started hoarding everything.  He gets stingy and refuses to let go of something, so I’m always having to help him share.  And even though sharing is a concept they don’t understand yet, I figure it’s never too early to start teaching them to love each other well!   And other than the toy-stealing and occasional picking on each other, they’re really becoming sweet little friends, and I love it.

There are a few things that I’m expecting them to start doing soon.  I am expecting Noah to start crawling at any time.  I am pretty sure he’s physically able at this point, he just hasn’t figured it out yet.  But he’s working on it.  Barrett, on the other hand, might not crawl at all, and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.  He hates being on his tummy, but he loves standing up and is really good at it and has great balance.  If I hold his hands he will try to walk across a room.  He occasionally tries to go from sitting to standing by himself, but he can’t quite do it yet.   I would not be surprised if Barrett skips crawling altogether and goes straight to walking, just because he hates being on his tummy and loves being on his back or upright.

I’m also expecting them to start getting themselves into a sitting position on their own, and to start pulling up.   Noah is pretty close to being able to go from lying down to sitting…or at least he is starting to try a good bit.  I dont think it will be long for him.  Barrett loves lying on his back, so getting to a sitting position isn’t that important to him.  But I’m expecting any day to walk into their room after a nap and find them sitting up.   It wont be long until we’ll be lowering the crib mattresses!

After a month full of craziness (Nate’s tonsillectomy, my hair issues, the boys both having bronchiolitis, me getting sick, teething…) I am glad that it looks like month number 9 is going to be a low-key one.  We don’t have too much planned (which is good because month number 10 will be busy!)  But even if there’s not much on the schedule for February, I’m sure the days will be filled with all sorts of new developments and discoveries, so it will still be exciting.

So yet another month in the books, and I’m still getting over the fact that these boys even exist. It’s all going by way too fast.  But, man, it sure is fun.  These little guys make every single day a blast.  And even on days when I feel like I’ve done nothing but wipe dirty noses and bums a thousand times, Barrett grabs my face between his sticky little hands, closes his eyes, leans in slowly, and plants a huge, slobbery, passionate, open-mouthed kiss right on my face… and I melt.  Then Noah reaches his arms out for me to scoop him up, he burrows his little head into my chest, and snuggles in as close as he can with one arm draped around my neck and his thumb in his mouth…and I melt again.   So bring on another month of dirty noses and bums.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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