List love

I’m a list maker.  Always have been.  Whether or not I can always find the list is another story.   But at any given time you can find any and all of the following stashed around my house:  a to-do list, a honey-do list, a menu list, a grocery list, an errand list, an “admin” list (to call, email, paperwork, etc), and a prayer list.  Today I’m in a listing mood, so I figure I’ll just make my blog into a list too.

10 Random thoughts that I don’t have the time or energy to make into long self-standing posts (but might still turn into full posts in the future):

  1. Happy 8 months to Noah and Barrett!  This one actually will turn into a long, self-standing (and picture-filled) post.  Hopefully I’ll get it written today, but it might not be until tomorrow.
  2. I am getting super excited about missions these days.
  3. I hate getting up an hour earlier than the boys. I love the fact that I get lots done and am dressed and ready when they wake up, BUT I HATE IT.  I always feel much better the rest of the day, but I still hate it.  I love what it does for my productivity, but guess what?  I hate it.  (I have not been getting up early since they’ve been sick. I started back today. I hate it.)
  4. My hair’s still falling out and I think it might be getting obvious.  But I’m kinda over it.  I’m not really embarrassed or self-conscious about it anymore. I’m just trying to figure out how I’ll know when it’s time to bite the bullet, shave my head, and get a wig.  How far do I go into the “awkward” stage before I just do it?
  5. Speaking of the hair issue…. it turns out that going bald is a great motivator for getting in shape.  Who knew?  I figure that fit & bald HAS to be cuter than flabby & bald, right?  My gym membership has been getting some serious love lately.
  6. Stupidcat is absolutely about to drive me up the wall these days.  She’s getting into EVERYTHING.  Today she has knocked the formula cans off the counter about 19 times.  And she has discovered that she likes Gerber Pinwheels and is doing all she can to break into the container and eat some more.  Free cat, anyone?
  7. Today is shaping up to be a bad nap day.
  8. I am reading some great books these days.  Maybe I’ll share more on that in another post.
  9. I have some awesome friends who are inspiring me in some crazy ways these days.  Watching friends go through really hard things and handle it with astounding grace and trust in God’s promises is a humbling thing.  I am very blessed to be surrounded by godly women who love the Lord more than their own desires.
  10. Speaking of friends, I miss Kelly Rice on an hourly basis (:

One thought on “List love

  1. Sweetpea, I wonder if you REALLY know how much joy, hope, love and amazement you are responsible for? It is a JOY to read anything that is lucky enough to soar through that pretty & intelligent head of yours, you give me HOPE with your never-ending faith and courage, you absolutely ooze LOVE no matter what you do, and you AMAZE me with your steadfast will to overcome any obstacle in your way. The only thing I’ll see when you are indeed bald, is more of that beautiful face, that contagious smile and those soulful eyes. You are loved and God has clearly chosen you to rock this look…He seems to know you are the one that can and will pull it off with poise and style.

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