Sickly Sundays

I totally underestimated how easy it is for little kids to catch germs.  I especially underestimated how easy it is for two little boys to pass germs back and forth between their slimy, slobbery fingers.   I’m glad they love being together and spend all day playing with each other, but I sure do wish they’d be a little more selfish with their germs.

Barrett came down with bronchiolitis 2 weeks ago.  The doctor told me it generally lasts about 2 weeks and is highly contagious.  I tried in vain to keep the boys separated so that Noah wouldn’t get it…which I now realize was a very dumb move.  Mostly because I held Noah off from getting sick for about a week, which means I basically tacked on an extra week of having a sick household.   Barrett is right at the end of his second week, and Noah is just finishing his first week.   If I had just let them both catch it at the same time, we’d all be well by now.

From now on, the new Bonham rule is: “If you’re sick, pass your sippy cup to your brother.”  All for one and one for all, right? We all go down together. Or at least at the same time.

All of this to say… I keep missing church because of germs.  I can’t take snotty little boys with smoker coughs to church, partly because they would continue to spread their germy loveliness to anyone else in the nursery, and partly because they’ve been feeling too lousy to make it through the service anyway.

So for the past few weeks, we sent Nate to church alone to represent the Bonhams (plus he works there, so he goes anyway), and the boys and I spent the morning fighting the bronchiolitis.

This is unfortunate for many reasons, the primary one being because I hate missing church.   I want to go and worship next to my husband.  I want to be uplifted and encouraged as we sing praises to the Lord.  I want to soak up the Word being preached and taught.  I want to encourage and be encouraged by other believers.

Instead I fight the bronchiolitis.

However, even if I can’t physically go to church with Nate and my boys, I can do the next best thing.  The church where I grew up does a live online audio broadcast of their worship service.  They offer a downloadable version of their worship bulletin/program, and they livestream the entire service, beginning to end, on the internet.  It’s awesome.  I’ve done it whenever I’ve had to stay home with the boys on sickly Sundays, and that’s actually how I “went to church” when I was on bedrest during my pregnancy.

Of course it’s not the same and is no real substitute for actually going to church, but it’s helpful when you don’t have any other options.  So I thought I’d put those links out there for any other mamas who are in the same boat… and I’m pretty sure there are LOTS of them these days, especially with all of the nastiness (germs AND weather) out there right now.  So check it out next time you’re having to spend your Sunday morning wiping green noses.   (And actually, make sure you check your own church website – many other churches do the same thing, and yours might be one of them.)

Maybe that will be helpful for someone else out there – I have been really thankful for it over the past year, and I always want to pass along the things that I find to be helpful and encouraging.   If you know any other links or ministries that do something similar or have encouraged you during times like this, please pass them along!

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