Marriage (January Reflections 2011)

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to jump into the January Reflections blogging project (the website gives various topics/prompts throughout the month of January for others to write about).  Well, I went back and looked at the first prompt, and it was a doozy.  No tip-toeing into the shallow end here. But I guess if you’re going to give writing prompts, they might as well be interesting ones, right?  Here’s the first one:

Marriage: Choose one word to describe your marriage in 2010 and explain.

One word to describe my marriage.  Hmmm. I can think of 50 off-hand.  And to be honest, part of me is hesitant to tackle this topic because it feels kind of, you know, personal.  (yet here I go…)

But if I were going to have to pick only one word that describes my marriage specifically during 2010, I think I’d have to go with “predictable.” Now before you go thinking that I’m saying something negative, hear me out.  I’m not talking about life getting stale or un-spontaneous.  Far from it.  And I’m not worried a bit what Nate will think when he reads this, because he knows what I’m talking about.  He knows that predictability is a compliment in my book.

2010 was an interesting year for us.  We had alot of really exciting times and alot of really scary times.  It was definitely our hardest year to this point, as far as external circumstances go, and most of it revolved around the health of our two baby boys, both before their birth and after.  There were lots of tears in 2010…happy ones, scared ones, and thankful ones.

But in the midst of all of the ups and downs that the year brought, in all of the uncertainty that we faced over and over again, I found alot of comfort in the fact that I always knew exactly what to expect in our relationship.  I never had to worry about how Nate would respond to something.  I always knew that when everything else was up in the air, one thing that wouldn’t change was us.

That might not matter to alot of people, but I’m a girl who likes things to be steady.  And that’s an understatement.  I like a routine.  I don’t mind eating the same thing every day, and its usually a PB&J.  I wear the same clothes over and over (and over) until they’re faded from being washed a million times.  I love the fact that my daily life revolves around a reliable cycle with my boys that starts over and repeats every 4 hours.  And more than anything, I love the fact that when life throws us something unexpected, I know God has given me a marriage that is predictable. Because life isn’t.

I’m thankful for that, because it’s just one of the ways that God has given me a daily reminder of Himself.  There are lots of ways that God uses something “normal” to teach me more about him, and my marriage is definitely one of those things, whether its during the good times or the times when I royally screw something up.   My relationship with Nate is fun and exciting and never boring, yet still as steady and predictable as could be…or at least as a relationship between two fallen sinners could be.  It’s far from perfect, but it gives me glimpses of something that is.

It reminds me that walking with the Lord is also that way, yet a perfect version of it — exciting, fun, spontaneous, and filled with seeming ups-and-downs…while at its core as steady and predictable as the sun.   Things may look different every day, the journey may go over some rough terrain, but God is who He says He is, every moment of every day, and I know that will never change.  No matter how unpredictable this life gets, I can trust the Lord because He has told me who He is and will never waver from that.

So, thanks for being predictable in 2010, Natey, because it kept me sane and taught me more about my Saviour.  Thanks for constantly pointing me back to the only One in whom I can ultimately put my faith and trust.  Thanks for always reminding me that God can take two sinful messy lives, smash them together in a crazy relationship called ‘marriage,’ point them towards Himself, and create something pretty amazing out of it.


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