Month 7

Just as a warning, I took around 370 pictures this month, so this post is a little picture-heavy.  I’m sure you won’t mind.

Of the seven short months that these boys have been here, this past month has definitely been the one that has been filled with the most changes and growth.  It seemed like every single day brought something new, and I said to myself about a hundred times “they just don’t seem like little babies anymore!”  All of a sudden they seem like big boys.

Noah has 2 teeth...but you can't see them.


Barrett is more than happy to show off his 2 new teeth.


As for the basics, I have no idea what their current weights are, other than that they are HEAVY.  Barrett is still in 3-6 month clothes, but I’ve moved Noah up to the 12 month stuff and he seems much more comfortable.   Their size difference seems even more pronounced lately!


Noah developed a new ear fetish this month. Barrett was not excited about this new development.


That size difference might be a result of the food…which Noah is eating LOTS of these days.  I’m pretty sure he adds a new fat roll with every meal.   He absolutely loves solid food.  LOVES IT.  I have no doubt that he would give up his bottle completely and go straight to a 100% solid diet if I would let him.  He will eat anything I put in front of him, then beg for more.  He still gets 4 bottles a day, but I also give him solids 3 times a day.  He lives and breathes for the moment I pull out that baby spoon.   So far he’s had sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, squash, bananas, pears, peaches, corn, apples, mashed potatoes, rice cereal, baby oatmeal, ritz crackers, vegetable mum-mums, and a dinner roll.  Every single one of them is his favorite.

I have to be a little more careful with Barrett.  I mentioned in the 6 month update that he had a hard time with solids originally, so I was having to go slow.   I have kept him on the rice cereal, and slowly started flavoring it with a tiny bit of 100% apple juice.   When he did okay with that, I added a little bit of pureed pears, and he has done okay with that too.  It seems that introducing things to him in really small amounts has been the key.  He finally worked up to a full serving of homemade pears, and I havent seen any reactions yet.  Hopefully this means we’re on the right track!

Speaking of the homemade food, that’s a new thing this month.  I got a Beaba Babycook for Christmas, and I love it!  I am so much more comfortable feeding Barrett homemade stuff because I know exactly what’s in it.   I still have a bunch of store-bought food, so Noah gets  a mixture of both.  He doesn’t care what it is as long as its edible.  Actually, I don’t think that’s really a requirement in his opinion.   The homemade stuff is really easy, cheap, and fast, so I am happy to do it for them.

Their napping and sleeping has changed a little, as I was expecting. Nighttime is still the same (7pm–7am), and thankfully Noah has figured out how to go back to sleep when he flips over and doesn’t cry out for someone to flip him back anymore.    Naps are a little different, though.  Noah is still taking 3 naps a day, although that 3rd one has shortened a good bit and is much more like a cat-nap now.   Barrett drops it on most days and just takes 2 longer naps.  But if we’ve had a day with lots of activity or if he hasn’t been able to take good naps, he’ll take a short half-hour catnap as well.     They used to always be on the same napping schedule, but it has been different for the past few weeks.  Noah’s naps are shorter, which is probably why he still needs 3.  Barrett sleeps much longer.   Some days this is frustrating because it makes it difficult to go anywhere or get anything done, but most of the time it’s nice because I get a little extra one-on-one time with each of them.  Noah and I play while Barrett finishes his naps, then Barrett and I play while Noah takes his 3rd catnap.  It works out well for everybody!   They’re also staying awake longer now, which means we get more time to play and we can even run quick errands if we need to.   They are always mesmerized when we go into the grocery store and are happy to talk to anyone who pays them any attention….which is good, because everyone stops us everywhere I go.  There’s just something about twins, I guess!  It always adds a good bit of extra time to any outing!

Playtime has gotten much more interesting this month, because they are both starting to sit on their own now.  I can set them on the floor (with a couple of pillows nearby in case they fall over), and they will sit and play with their toys.  They are also getting more and more interactive with each other.  Just today, they were sitting in walkers facing each other, and they got each other laughing.  It was so funny to sit there and watch them belly-laugh at each other!  They really are starting to become such cute little friends.

They’re also starting to copy me on things, so I’m going to have to watch it.  I haven’t even been trying to teach them, but they are starting to give kisses (big slobbery open-mouthed ones) and hugs.  This week, I picked up an empty coke can from the table, and Noah lunged at it.  I let him pick it up, and he immediately knew what to do with it.  If they’re picking up all of these things without me even trying, I’d better be careful!  Those little eyes are watching everything!


don't worry- this can was empty. But he knew exactly what to do with it!


Of course, alot of our excitement this month came from celebrating the holidays.  We had alot going on the week of Christmas, but unfortunately we couldn’t participate as much as we had hoped because the boys both came down with their first nasty colds.  Their daddy had it that week as well, so I had a house full of crummy-feeling Bonham boys.   They slept through a good bit of Christmas, but I’m sure they’ll be right in the middle of it next year!  They did get to meet some new family members, though, like my dad’s side of the family, as well as their great-great-grandmother, Mawmaw.

We’ve also ended the month by staying at my moms house while Nate recovers from a tonsillectomy, a surgery which can be summed up in one word: BRUTAL.  I was not expecting that surgery and recovery to be as rough as it has been! Poor Nate.   Thankfully, my sweet family has let us stay with them so I was not stuck at home trying to take care of all 3 Bonham boys by myself.   I have really needed the help!


We were going to try to get some holiday-themed pictures...but it didn't go well. We got tears instead.


The next month will probably be a little more low-key.  I don’t think we have anything major on the agenda, other than a fun visit from Mammaw and Pappaw (Nate’s mom and stepdad) and Emmy.  I can’t wait!  Other than that, I think we are going to just focus on trying to get over these nasty colds and get Nate back up and running.  Hopefully it won’t be long.   In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what kind of new things the boys are going to figure out in just a short month’s time!


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