The sick couch (DPP22)

Growing up, my mom always had “the sick couch.”  It was the greatest place to recover when you were sick.   I have discovered this week that Barrett takes after his mama in that sense.

Noah turns into a complete baby when he’s sick… super clingy, sucks his thumb, sleeps a TON, wants to be held and rocked, and whines all day long.  He’s miserable.   Barrett, on the other hand, turns into a big kid who needs a sick couch.  He lies on the couch, snuggles up with his blankets and his giraffe, and watches tv.  He would stay there all day long if I would let him.

Yet another thing to add to the “Ways The Bonham Twins Are Polar Opposites” list.


2 thoughts on “The sick couch (DPP22)

  1. What a sweetie. Whitley is super whiny and clingy also! Maybe she’ll be a “sick couch” kid when she gets older :)

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