Sick Day (DPP20)

Today Noah is sick.  Barrett is a little stuffy, but not bad. But Noah is full on sick.  He’s a good sport though, and most of the day has been in decent spirits except when he gets so congested that he can’t breathe, or wants to suck his thumb and can’t because its hard to breathe out of his nose.  Poor guy.

Thankfully, he is still a happy kid despite the fact that he’s miserable.   Here he is laughing at his comedian daddy.  (Ignore the fact that he’s shirtless – with the amount of drool and snot this kid was producing today, it was easier just to turn up the heat in the house and let him hang out in his diaper.)

And Barrett decided to entertain us with a little musical number.   He loves anything that rattles or makes a beat, so when we put some ankle and wrist rattles on him, he went to town.  He’s his own little one man percussion band.


2 thoughts on “Sick Day (DPP20)

  1. I absolutely love it! I know you guys made this just for me – since one of my favorite things is the “gut belly laugh” and especially done by one of my favorite “guys” in the whole wide world! Love you all and miss you, but this is the next best thing! Mammaw, Chattanooga

  2. Another one of my cuties, thanks Barrett for the serenade! It is in the genes, just wait till he wants his drum set! Lots of love, Mammaw

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