Month 6

Holy moly the boys are 6 months old.  They were actually 6 months old on December 3, and I am very late in posting this.  But since I have been posting EVERY SINGLE DAY this month for the DPP, I’m sure you’ll forgive me (:

Here are the basics:  At their 6 month checkup (December 13th), Noah was 20lb 10 oz, and Barrett was 15lb 11oz.  Noah is in the 90th percentile (up from the 3rd percentile at our first appointment) and Barrett is in the 20th (he wasn’t even on the chart yet – 0% at the first one).  They’ve come a long way!  Noah is in 6-9 month clothes and already growing out of them.  Barrett is in 3-6 months.   They’re eating 4 times a day, usually around 7-8oz each time.  Noah also has some solids (keep on reading to hear more about that).  They take still take 3 naps a day (usually around 8:30, 12:30, and 4:30), and they sleep 12 straight hours at night, 7pm to 7am.   They can both roll over, and Noah can do some serious scooting when he puts his mind to it.   He is sitting on his own briefly, and Barrett is almost there.

Month 6 was a crazy one, filled with much more activity than normal.  We went to Chattanooga twice, dealt with our first time change, the boys had their first car accident (they’re fine, thankfully!), they met lots of relatives, and we celebrated Thanksgiving.

The first Chattanooga trip was for the MTW Global Missions Conference, then the second trip was to visit family for Thanksgiving.  All of Nate’s brothers were going to be in town at the same time (that doesn’t happen often!), plus Nate’s Grandpa was driving down from Pennsylvania.  We normally go to Pennsylvania each year after Christmas, but this year we won’t be able to make it.  We were so glad that the boys got to meet Grandpa in Chattanooga!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the boys with Grandpa.  I can’t believe I forgot!

fun times with Mammaw (Nate's mom)

The traveling was….interesting.   They did great while we were there – they kept their routines and were generally really happy. The problem was GETTING there.  Noah doesn’t sleep in the car, and his crying keeps Barrett awake, which made for a VERY long drive.  The first trip was pretty rough.  On the second trip we borrowed my sisters car, so I was able to sit in the back seat with them.   Noah did much better when one of us was with him.  Since he was quieter, Barrett was able to take his naps.  (Our old van had captain chairs in the back, so there wasn’t a middle seat in between the carseats.  Our new van has a middle seat, which will make trips much easier!)  The rides there and back were much better the second time around.

Overall, though, I have been amazed at how much more flexible the boys are this month.  They can handle a messed up nap a little better than they could before, and they can stay up longer at a time.  They did great going back and forth from home to Chattanooga a few times (other than the car ride) without missing a beat.

Another big change this month is that the boys have started eating much faster…FINALLY.  Until now, they have been SLOW eaters.  Sometimes Barrett would take an hour to finish a bottle.  Seriously.  Noah was usually in the 30-40 minute range.  Usually they were just much more interested in what was going on around them and got distracted really easily. Plus I think they just liked being able to lie there and relax.  Now they are wanting to play a little more, so they usually finish a bottle pretty quickly so they can enjoy playtime.    I love it, because now I feel like I can do a whole lot more with them when theyre awake than just feed, burp, and change them before its time for them to go back down.  Now we get all sorts of play time, and its a blast.

I mentioned last time that Noah had rolled over once at night, and I was hoping it wouldnt become  habit.  It did.  This whole month has been filled with Noah rolling over, getting upset, and needing one of us to go roll him back over so he can sleep.  I’m working with him when he’s awake to help him learn to roll back the other direction, but its slow-going.  Thankfully, its usually during naptime.  If he does do it in the middle of the night, its around 4am.  We flip him over and he immediately goes back to sleep.  And after several weeks of this, last night he actually flipped over accidentally and went back to sleep on his own instead of crying out for help!  YAY!

Barrett has had HUGE improvement this month in his physical abilities.  He is holding his upper body up like a champ now, and he’s even rolling over occasionally.  He still isn’t a big fan of tummy time, but as long as he’s not too tired to prop himself up, he will tolerate it now.   He has also started playing with toys in a whole new way.  He used to just kind of sit and look at things while clasping his hands together, but now he’s attacking everything around him and trying to manipulate it with his fingers.   It’s funny to see him go from a quiet observer to an active participant in whatever is going on.   Life has suddenly become very fun for him.

Speaking of fun, they have also started wanting to interact with Stupidcat… which is interesting.  She’s pretty good with them, but she hasn’t had her tail pulled yet.  Usually they just reach out and touch her fur while she’s walking by or lying next to them.  They like when she flicks her tail in their faces, which she does on a regular basis.  I’m a little nervous about when they start getting a little more rough with her.  She better not get rough back!

They’re also talking up a storm.   It’s interesting how they kind of have talking spurts – for a week or so, one will talk up a storm while the other is quiet, then it switches the next week.   They like to take turns.  They’ve also started talking to each other.  Sometimes I have to separate them at naptime because they’ll lie in their cribs and babble back and forth instead of going to sleep.  Silly boys.

Solids was another first this month.  I kept putting it off, because I knew that spoon-feeding both of them was going to add a whole new dynamic to my day that I wasn’t quite ready for.  The first time I gave them solids, it didn’t go over too well.

The next time, Noah decided he absolutely LOVED it and hasn’t stopped putting things in his mouth since.  He’s a champion eater.  Unfortunately, though, Barrett’s tummy didn’t handle it too well so he can’t really have much anymore.  He can have baby oatmeal, but anything else gives him major problems.  But he’s still not a huge fan of eating with a spoon, so I don’t push it.  I’m going to try some homemade stuff in another month or so, and see if maybe by then his little tummy will be mature enough to process it.  And at least then I’ll know exactly what’s in it and won’t have to worry about hidden ingredients flaring up his allergy.  Hopefully he will soon grow out of all of this and he won’t deal with dietary issues his whole life.

Teething has pretty much run our lives this month.  Noah had a harder time than Barrett at first.  He started getting fever, spitting up like crazy, and chewing everything in sight.  The hardest part only lasted about 4 days, and it wasn’t too long after that when the first tooth started peeking through.   Today, Noah got his second tooth, and Barrett got his first.  All in one day. They weren’t there yesterday, because I checked.   All I can say is thank goodness for giraffes.

I also put the Christmas decorations up, which the boys love.   They stare at the tree and the lights on the mantle constantly, and they love walking outside to see the neighbors outdoor lights.  At this point, they’re still too little to do much else than stare at the lights. I guess I should enjoy the fact that I have one Christmas without having to worry about tiny hands pulling down ornaments….although our tree usually doesnt have ornaments on the bottom section anyway, because Stupidcat is worse than a toddler in that department. Usually she’s the only one I have to worry about. I’m in trouble next year when it’s all 3 of them.

Speaking of Christmas, month number 7 is going to be a fun one with all of the festivities.   The boys will be meeting lots of relatives, going to a few Christmas events, celebrating their cousin Beckham’s first birthday, and celebrating our first Christmas as a family of four. Part of me can’t wait, and part of me isn’t ready for it to get here… they seem too big already!

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