Meeting Mawmaw (DPP16)

Today the boys had the privilege of meeting their great-great-grandmother, Mawmaw, who is in town visiting for a few days.  Not many little boys have the chance to hang out with their grandmother’s grandmother, so of course I took some pictures to document it.

Isn’t she stunning?

Lacey, Beckham, and Mawmaw. Beckham is Mawmaw's last name, so he is named after her!

The boys took to her immediately, of course, because she’s amazing and everyone loves her!  I am so glad that we’ll get to hang out with her alot over the next few days, because we don’t get to do it nearly enough.  She’s incredible, and I hope I’m as awesome as she is when I’m 98 years old….but I don’t think its possible.  She is a wonderful story teller, she is the most social person I’ve ever met, and she remembers everything about everybody she meets.

And of course, since she’s in town, I’ll have to keep an extra close eye on my husband.  Ever since they met for the first time, and Nate walked her down the aisle as her escort at Lacey’s wedding, Mawmaw has called Nate her boyfriend.   I think she just might love him even more than she loves me!  And of course whenever he mentions his girlfriend, I know who he’s talking about.  She might steal him away from me.  But I don’t really get jealous, because like I said, she’s pretty amazing.

I’m looking forward to lots more time with her (and lots more pictures) this weekend!


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