On November 3, Nate and I loaded up the boys and drove to Chattanooga for 5 days.  The main reason for the trip was so that Nate and I could attend Mission To the World’s Global Missions Conference (GMC).

Usually the conference is in Atlanta, but this year they held it in Chattanooga, which was perfect for us since Nate’s mom lives there.  We went a few days early and hung out with the family.  They also kept the boys for us during the conference, which was wonderful…. I wouldn’t have been able to make it to the conference if they hadn’t been willing to do LOTS of babysitting for us!

MTW holds this conference every 3 years, and it is always amazing!  We went in 2004, 2007, and again this year.  Missionaries from all over the world fly in to attend, and it’s a great opportunity for their supporters or for prospective missionaries to hear about their ministries.   There are also lots of seminars on all sorts of topics, such as various regions of the world (Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, etc) , different types of ministries (medical, street child, urban, slums, etc), theory and practice, communication, technology, church support, and even what to do if you think you might be called to missions.  There’s definitely something for everyone.

Our primary purpose for going this year was to meet some team leaders from Latin America.  We knew that several of them would be there, and after hearing about them and their ministries from MTW, we wanted to meet them in person and ask lots of questions.   This was a great way for us to continue narrowing down our future location without having to fly all over Latin America.

We were able to meet the leaders and members of several different teams, and we really enjoyed spending some time visiting with them and learning about the work they are doing in their various countries.  Hopefully our continued communication with them will help us to determine where the Lord is leading us.   As soon as we get that part settled, we’ll be able to start support-raising and training.  In the mean time, we are going to continue praying for our future team (whoever they may be!) and being patient that the Lord is going to show us his plan for us in his own timing.

Thanks for praying with and for us about our future in foreign missions.  We are excited about wherever God is going to send us!


One thought on “GMC2010

  1. Oh! We soooo wanted to go to the missions conference this year. (Almost impulsively drove there, in fact!) Praying you have wisdom as the Lord leads you. . . MTW is a fabulous organization, grounded in grace and the Gospel. . .

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