Month 5

Last week (Nov 3), the boys turned 5 months old.  This is weird to me for several reasons – one being that Clark (my best friend Kelly’s baby) was 5 months old when Noah and Barrett were born.  I remember sitting in my hospital room after the boys were born, looking at sweet little Clark, and thinking “I cannot imagine Noah and Barrett EVER being that big!”  Yet here we are.

This month has been a fun one with lots of things happening, but more important than all the events are the developmental strides the boys are making.    They are growing like crazy and becoming more and more interactive each day.

One big change that took place this month was with their sleep.  Right after I wrote their 4 month update, both of the boys dropped their late-night feeding (the one at 10:15pm) and started sleeping 12 hours straight, from 7:30pm to 7:30am.  I couldn’t believe it.   I was afraid that sleeping all night long would make them sleep less during the day, but they haven’t really changed their daytime naps.  Right now both of them are napping about 2–2.5 hours in the morning, another 2–2.5 hours in the afternoon, and a 45min–1hr catnap in the evening because they just cant quite make it all the way to bedtime yet.  Unless something crazy happens, they fall into that routine pretty much every day.

We did have two little sleep “disruptions” this month, but it wasn’t too hard to handle.  The first was the week of crazy naps that happened to coincide with the week I was teaching sunday school.  After a few days, they got right back on track.  The second was Barrett’s silly middle-of-the-night playtimes.  He got on this kick of wanting to wake up at 4:30am and play.  He wasnt hungry and didn’t need anything, he just wanted to play.  I heard from lots of other mamas that it’s a normal developmental phase, and to just let them play on their own until they go back to sleep…so that’s what I did.  Occasionally if he got too loud I would move him to the other room so Noah could sleep, but other than that I left him alone to play with his feet and talk to his mobile.  After a couple of weeks, he quit doing it.

Speaking of playing with his feet, he discovered them this month.  At 4:30am.  I woke up one night/morning to a shrill scream and ran into his room to find him with a death grip on his toes and an ecstatic grin on his face….while Noah was grumbling angrily at Barrett for waking him.  Feet are old news to Noah.   Apparently, it was a big enough discovery for Barrett that he thought everyone in the house should be awake to celebrate with him.  He was so excited  that he refused to go back to sleep, much to Noah’s disappointment.  I eventually moved Barrett into the pack-n-play in the guest room and just let him play with his feet until he fell back asleep.   At least the rest of the household could get some sleep that way!

tight grip on the toes

As far as their days go, they are much more active during their awake times.  They used to lie around and  watch whatever was happening around them, but now they want to be actively engaged in it.  They are starting to play with toys, and when I read books to them, they are mesmerized by the pictures and grab at the pages. They are also alot more engaged with each other these days and always want to know what the other is up to.

Noah can flip himself over, although he doesn’t do it that often.  He did it in the middle of the night this week, then couldnt get himself flipped back…..which meant his only option was to scream his head off until I went and flipped him back over.   Hopefully that won’t become a habit.    Noah is also getting pretty close to sitting up on his own.  He can do it briefly, but as soon as something distracts him, he falls over.  He’s also great at standing – he can stand up nice and tall for as long as you’ll let him if you provide him a finger or two to hold onto.   While I’m doing something with Barrett, Noah hangs out in activity gym/exersaucer thing and loves every minute of it.  He can manipulate all of the little gadgets on there, making it light up and play music.  He also regularly fills the entire tray with drool then splashes in it.  It’s lovely.

He’s also still the happiest baby around (unless his gums are hurting), and it doesn’t take much at all to get him grinning and laughing.  The person who makes him the happiest is still his Daddy…I’m pretty sure the highlight of his day is when Nate goes and gets him out of bed in the morning and when Nate comes home at the end of the day.

While Noah has been working on some physical things for awhile now, Barrett has just recently decided he wants to catch up with his brother.  He is so much more active than he used to be.  He tries to flip over and has actually done it a couple of times….but he hates being on his tummy, and as soon as he realizes thats where he’s headed, he promptly starts trying to stop himself from flipping over.   He has also branched out a little and is starting to grab at and hold onto things, instead of just staring at them while clasping his hands tightly together.  If I use one of the small bottles to feed him, he can hold it by himself. And if you saw the video I posted recently, you saw that he can do some serious moving if he’s in the mood for it.  He’s also working on his standing and sitting up.  He can’t do it for quite as long…but he’s getting there!

One thing that’s new for BOTH of the boys this month is the amount of drool they are producing.  I’m expecting some teeth at any time, particularly for Noah.  That kid is basically a fire hydrant.  Everything you give either one of them goes directly into their mouths, whether its a toy, bottle, body part, clothing, blanket…anything.  The last couple of days have been the worst.  Noah is absolutely miserable, and I’m ready for his tooth to come in so he will go back to his happy, giggly self.  Barrett gnaws on everything, but so far it doesnt seem to bother him too much.

As far as events go, the boys had a big month.  We spent lots of time out at Mom and Dad’s new house while they were finishing it up.  We celebrated Grandaddy’s (my dad’s) birthday out there as well.  We took the boys for their 4 month checkup and shots.  Nate went out of town for a weekend, so the boys and I stayed with my parents for the weekend.  We took the boys for professional portraits. We had visitors who came over to keep us company on several of the evenings when Nate had meetings.  And the boys were baptized! It was a busy month.

But not as busy as month number 6, which contains 2 out-of-town trips to Chattanooga, introductions to new relatives, Thanksgiving, and most likely an introduction to solid foods.   Should be interesting!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from their 5th month:

Costumes that the boys DIDN'T get to wear on Halloween.... I didn't get a picture of Barrett's because he had a meltdown in it.


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