The end of the world as she knows it

On June 21, 2010, the whole world came crashing down into a million tiny pieces.  From that point on, life will always fall into two distinct categories:  Life before 6/21 and life after. Life will never be the same.

For Stupidcat.

June 21 is the day we brought two adorable little bundles home from the hospital to meet their “sister.”   And if there’s one thing in the world that is harder for a cat to adjust to than a new baby, it’s TWO new babies!  She was not a fan of the new arrangement, and she made sure to let us know it.

Thankfully, all of this happened right in the middle of the summer, which is when she spends the majority of her time stalking squirrels, hunting snakes, and sun bathing in the backyard… and very little time indoors.   Every so often, though, she’d decide to cool off in the air conditioning. Just as she would stretch out and enjoy the breeze from the ceiling fan, a baby would start wailing and she would run for cover.

Before long, though, she wouldn’t run away. Instead, she would slowly start moving toward whoever was crying with a far too intense, crazed stare.  She was stalking our babies.  As long as she didn’t get too close, we didn’t do anything about it.  We figured she’d have to just get used to it.  If she got close enough to swipe and raised a paw (even though she never put her claws out), she got a reprimand and a pop, then a swift kick out the door.

During Barrett’s roughest weeks, I’m pretty sure Stupidcat is the one who struggled the most.  Any time she was inside, she had wide crazy eyes and was super skittish.   Maybe baby cries are more severe sounding to a cat, because she was seriously losing her mind.  When Barrett started up full-force, Stupidcat would start pacing and whining.  If we didn’t respond quick enough, she would start throwing herself against the door, making loud thudding noises, until we finally got up and let her out.  Apparently banging your head into a door is preferable to listening to Barrett cry.

There is, however, one benefit to having babies around:  their stuff.  She loves anything baby-related.   Before the babies got here, we had to train her not to get in the crib, which was hard because she LOVED it.  She loved the pack-n-play. The swing.  Their soft blankets.  Anything that dangles or moves.  I have let her continue to use one baby item, though, because it’s her favorite…the activity mat.  All 3 of them have to share.

Thankfully, Barrett is doing better, and Stupidcat has given him another chance.  She’s actually started to like them a little bit, actually, although I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t admit it.  She hangs out with us most of the day, just following me and the boys around the house.   She’ll even snuggle up close to them occasionally.

So she’s coming around.  And she has started to toy with the boys a little, like she does with me and Nate.   She’ll walk up to Noah and flick her tail in his face repeatedly, or start batting at Barrett’s legs when he’s kicking them.  She’d better be careful though, because it wont be long until they can get her back!

No matter how much she is starting to tolerate her new little brothers, I have no doubt that she would revert back to pre-baby life without hesitation, if given the opportunity.   She knows she’s not really the top of the heap anymore, as much as she wants to deny it.   But she’s still the only one who gets to stay up late and snuggle on the couch with us, and that’s good enough for her.


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