Month 4

The boys’ fourth month has been a full one, but then I guess that’s pretty much the way it will be from now on.  They are getting more and more alert and interactive, which means my days are much more full than they were!  I no longer have tiny newborns who sleep all day.  This means my days are punctuated with lots of smiles, grins, coos, and hugs.  Of course there are plenty of cries, fits, spit-ups, explosive poops, and grouchy meltdowns, too! Sometimes we go back and forth between all of the above in a matter of seconds.

Noah, from one second to the next

This month brought several great milestones.  First and foremost, the boys started sleeping through the night!   Noah started right at about 3 months, and Barrett started about 2 weeks later.   When I say “sleeping through the night,” I mean they are sleeping through OUR night, not theirs.  We put them to bed after they eat at 7pm, then we feed them at about 10:15pm or so, right before we go to bed.  From that point, they sleep the rest of the night and wake up around 7am.  Believe me, we are fine with that! It feels great to be getting more sleep. (Although I’ve been told that alot of babies have a big bout of sleep disruption at 4 months and start waking up at night again… hopefully that wont be the case with us, but we’ll see!)

Barrett, sacked out.

Since they started sleeping through the night, we were much less hesitant about taking our first overnight trip this month.  My cousin, Matt, got married in Baton Rouge last weekend, and Nate and I made the trip.  We were gone about 24 hours or so, and Nate’s mom and brother came down to watch the boys.  Everybody did great, although my mother in law was exhausted by the end of it!  I think she was ready to go home and catch up on her sleep by the time she was finished (:   The boys were pretty excited to see us, I think.  Well, at least Barrett was.  He’s pretty partial to me and Nate.  Noah is pretty happy with anyone who will shower him with attention and smiles, so he had a blast spending the weekend with Mammaw and Uncle Nic.  Barrett was a little clingy when we got back, but that’s okay because after a whole 24 hours away, I was pretty clingy to them too!

Like father, like son. Barrett and Nate snuggling on the couch after we got back from our trip. I think they missed each other!

Speaking of being clingy, Barrett has turned into quite the mamas boy lately.  During his weeks and weeks of pain, we logged lots of mommy/son snuggling hours, particularly in the middle of the night.  He’s not having that much pain anymore, but he’s not quite ready to give up all of his one-on-one time.  I’ve got to figure out what to do about it, or we’re going to have some serious separation anxiety issues in a few months!  It’s getting better, but he still throws little fits sometimes when I set him down or pass him to someone else.  We’ll get there.

In addition to sleeping through the night, the boys also started stretching out their days a little.  They started eating every 4 hours instead of every 3, dropping one feeding.  This is great for me because its one less time during the day when I have to try to get them fed by myself…it’s always easier to do it with another person!

Since they are eating less often, they’ve started eating alot more eat each meal.   Noah’s appetite continues to grow just as fast as his ever-expanding belly.  And now that Barrett is feeling a little better, he has started eating lots more…which means he will probably turn into a little fatty too!  I can already tell when I pick him up that he feels so much heavier. That’s one thing our boys probably can’t get away from…they come by it honestly.  Nate and I were both pretty fat babies. I weighed them this past week, and they were 13lbs and 16lbs, although I have a feeling that distance is about to start closing now that Barrett is starting to keep up with Noah’s appetite.

Noah, fat 'n happy

With their new routine, they are spending a good bit more time awake than they were, and they are filling their newly found free time with all sorts of fun activities like smiling at me, watching Stupidcat, and hitting each other in the face (accidentally), watching their mobile, and playing on their activity mat.  They have just started reaching out and grabbing for things, like the brightly colored peacock hanging from the activity mat, or the camera.

watching the mobile

little hands reaching for the peacock and the chicken
getting punched in the face is a regular occurence around here.
reaching for the camera
mesmerized by the peacock

They’ve also gone from just a little of cooing to having entire conversations.  Of course, I can’t understand a word of it, but they will talk and talk and talk.  I have tried to get it on video, but as soon as I pull out the camera, they stop talking and look at the camera instead.  One of these days I’ll catch them!

deep conversations with Daddy

It’s so funny to see how different the boys’ personalities are already.  I have picture after picture of Noah smiling and playing, but Barrett is Mr. Serious most of the time.

He smiles for me in person, but trying to capture it on camera is quite a challenge.  He has to keep up his image of being a no-nonsense sophisticated smarty pants.  One of these days I’ll get some cute ones so you can see his adorable grin.

Nate and I always laugh at them because it always looks like Barrett is coming up with evil schemes to take over the world.  He gives shady sideways glances while suspiciously rubbing his hands together.  Noah should probably watch his back, because most of the shady sideways glances are aimed in his direction.  That’s another image I need to catch on film for you. It’s hilarious. I’m pretty sure he and Stupidcat are going to be a force to be reckoned with, because Stupidcat has been formulating evil plans for years now.

Coming up in month 5, the boys have even more excitement going on.  We’ve got a checkup with Barrett’s cardiologist (he has a couple of minor heart issues that have to be monitored, but hopefully they will have gone away by now!), the boys’ 4-month shots (2 weeks late, but that’s okay), and their baptism.  Plus lots of other things thrown in there, like walks around the neighborhood, going to the gym with me, hanging out at Nanny and Granddaddy’s (my parents) new house (they are almost ready to move in), and hopefully some professional portraits.  Plus, Mammaw (Nate’s mom) is coming again at the end of the month for the baptism.  We’ll have lots going on!  I have no doubt that I’ll be doing their 5 month update before I can blink!


2 thoughts on “Month 4

  1. What a lovely post! I really enjoyed seeing your photos, and reading about how the boys are coming on. They are just gorgeous! We found that Colin was sleeping through the night round about this stage too, but then he started to wake up a lot more when he got a bit older. Looking back, I think this only became a problem because we let it, and got in to some bad habits with him. If we’d just been stricter about not starting to give him night feeds again maybe he would just have gone back to sleep and not bothered waking up the next night…? We’ll never know! Anyway, I love seeing your photos so will be checking back soon for more!


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