12 weeks!

The boys are 12 weeks old today (thursday)!  Nate and I took some great video of them yesterday, and hopefully we will be able to post some of it here soon.  They are just getting cuter and cuter by the second.  Here’s what they’re up to at 12 weeks:

  • Noah is in a size 2 diaper and I’m about to move him to 3-6 month clothes….that kid won’t quit growing! Barrett is quickly catching up.
  • Barrett went back to the surgeon yesterday for a post-op checkup, and everything looks great!  All of his bandages are gone, his scars are healing really well, and the surgeon thinks that the hernias won’t come back.  I can’t believe how quickly baby skin heals – you can hardly see where the incisions were.
  • Barrett weighs 10lb 12oz! He was weighed at the surgeon’s yesterday. I don’t have a current weight on Noah, but I’ll get one on Monday.
  • They are both getting shots on Monday.  We’re about 4 weeks behind on this.  It kept getting moved back again and again… Hopefully this appointment will stick.  I am not looking forward to having two fussy babies that day. Maybe they will react to shots by sleeping instead of getting fussy…. but I doubt it (:  I am excited to go get measurements though.  I wonder what percentile they’ve made it up to.
  • They are getting closer and closer to sleeping through the night, but we aren’t there yet.   Last night Barrett went about 6 hours, so that’s pretty good. Noah only went about 5. He’s a pig and doesn’t want to go too long without a meal!  I have heard from several people that sleeping through the night is based more on adjusted age than actual age, so it might still take them a little while longer.  That’s okay.  I’m tired, but if they need those extra night-time calories, I’m more than happy to feed them!
  • Noah is doing pretty well without the pacifier.  It has now been a whole week since I took it away.  The only problem we have is that sometimes he wakes up halfway through a nap and has a hard time going back to sleep without it. But we’ll get there.
  • Barrett’s tummy is doing alot better.  It’s still not back to 100%, but the GI doctor is tweaking his medicines to see if we can fix the problem.  Hopefully that will do it.  If not, we might have to look at some other things, like a full elimination diet for me.  We’ll see. She’s not convinced its a diet issue at this point though.  Hopefully we can get it worked out.
  • We’re kind of in a place where it is hard for me to get out and about.  I can really tell the difference when their naps are messed up, which makes it difficult for me to leave the house.  Hopefully it won’t be too long until they can handle being a little more flexible.  Right now their sleep is a little too important! Even a slight change sends them into a tailspin…particularly Noah.
  • They are starting to smile and coo so much more, and I love it!   I will try to get some of it on camera so I can post it.  You’ll melt.

And as for me and Nate… we’re doing pretty well.  We’re still wishing we got a little more sleep, but it’s not too bad.  It’s much better than it was when Barrett was hurting so much all night long!   Sometimes its hard getting everything done during the day by myself, but we make it work.  As long as they don’t take too long to eat, I manage to get the house clean and supper cooked.  But on those days when they each take 45 mins to eat and don’t nap well, my entire day is pretty much consumed with feeding babies and trying to get them back to sleep.   Thankfully, there are more good days than rough ones!  Overall, I am really loving all the time I get to spend at home with the boys.

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures (and maybe a video) up soon!


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