Even when I’m busy

Awhile back, a friend called me to tell me about a friend of hers who needed prayer, and asked if I would pray diligently for her during a particularly rough time in her life.  She also gave me the friend’s blog so I could follow along with her story.  I’ve been reading it ever since, although this girl has no clue that I even exist.   (Maybe I should comment on her blog and say hello, particularly now that I am talking about her on my blog!)

Several weeks ago, she was writing about her stay in a hotel while she was taking a radioactive pill for her cancer treatment- she had to spend 5 days alone in a hotel room away from her family.  She said something in a post that really resonated with me, and I’ve thought about it alot since then.  Here’s a quote from her post:

If you dont spend time with the Lord when you are busy, you wont spend time with the Lord when your bored. The part that has been nice is spending time with my Lord as often as I want. No interuptions, nothing to do, just time with Him. But you know what else I’ve learned? Having nothing to do doesnt cause you to spend more time with Him than you already do when you’re busy. That’s right. I’m telling you all those excuses (“I just dont have time to spend in the Word and prayer, my life is too busy.”) Is just that, an excuse. When you are alone and bored, time with Jesus isn’t what you are going to jump to do even when you having nothing else to do.

I was reading a book this week and in one part the lady was saying that when Jesus got away to spend time with the Lord, everyone was always looking for Him, and needing Him. But He got alone with God anyways. He just did it, even though every pressure was around Him to fill His schedule with serving and doing and helping others. The disciples were often waiting and looking for Him when He was alone with His Father. So that’s one thing I’ve learned. Getting alone with God is no different when you have a full schedule or no schedule at all. It’s still something you have to DO. Get rid of the excuses because they are just excuses you and I make because we are lazy and our heart love other things more than Him.

I have thought about that alot lately, because it is so easy to give myself a “free pass” when it comes to spending the time with the Lord.  There have been way too many times when I think to myself, “I mean, come on…I just had twins, and theyre kinda taking up alot of my time. God undertsands.” That’s sad.  If there was ever a time when I need my mind and heart to be focused on the Lord and not on my sinful nature, it’s now.  No matter what my day looks like, I need to get rid of the excuses and spend time in the Word.  Because I know that on the days when I have lots of free time, my tendency is to spend it blogging, taking a bubble bath, eating lunch with a friend, reading a good book, or anything else.  Even when I DO have time, I don’t spend it with the Lord, so obviously my excuse of being “a little busy these days” is a lie.

When I pray for the boys at night, I always pray that they will become men who love Scripture and love to read their Bibles often.  I was unbelievably convicted the other day, because as soon as I prayed it, I thought, “how else are they going to learn that if Nate and I don’t show them by example what it looks like to love Scripture and love to read their Bibles often?” Showing them by example means reading to them and in front of them, even when its inconvenient.  It means making it a priority in our home so that our boys learn how important it is. It means choosing to spend time with the Lord over other things if there’s a conflict. It means not saying “well I’m just a little busy these days…God will understand,” because you don’t let something sit on the backburner when you love it.  You make time for the things you love.

So that’s how I’m going to show my boys.  I’m probably going to fail miserably. But you know what? Then I’ll get up the next day and try again. Small victories, remember? Even when I’m busy.


3 thoughts on “Even when I’m busy

  1. Thanks for sharing this Nikki….not a lot of “Jackson” people know yet, but my husband has just been diagnosed with a very serious and rare form of cancer, Epithelioid Sarcoma. We will hopefully be starting Chemo and Radiation soon, when we figure out what the best way is….. I needed this reminder!

  2. This message inspired me. I love Jesus. And I love active worship and service. But I find it difficult to just sit quietly with my Lord. I need to start practicing now while my life is pretty easy going. I am not married, I dont have children, and even now, its not wedding season so I am in town most weekends at this point.. So I have no excuse. While Justin and I discuss Jesus often, and pray, we rarely dive deep into Scripture. There have been times in my life when I would read daily, but this season has not been a time like that. Thank you for posting and reposting things you have learned to share with us! I hope to one day be in a place that I can teach my children good practices and disciplines for Scripture reading and prayer!

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