Back at home

This morning I got up early and headed back to the hospital.  Nate had a long night – the monitor alarm kept going off (anytime Barrett held his breath or moved a certain way, it would fail to get an accurate reading and set off a loud alarm) about every 20-30 mins, then the IV line got pinched and started sounding an alarm, and the nurses came in for vitals every few hours.  Then a resident came in around 5, flipped on the light with no warning,  woke up Barrett, set off all the alarms again, then said “you might need to have those sensors adjusted” and walked out of the room without even wrapping Barrett back up.  He just left him there with no covers and an open gown.  Of course that didn’t make Nate too happy.  So by the time I arrived, he was exhausted!  He said it was a good thing I didn’t spend the night there because there’s no way I could have gotten any sleep.

I did get some sleep at my parents house.  I fed Noah and spent some time with him before I went to bed, then crashed.  My sweet Mama took the night shift with Noah so I could get a full night’s rest.  Thankfully, he is almost sleeping through the night, so the night shift with him isn’t too difficult.  For the past several weeks, Noah would wake up once around 4 to eat, and that was it.  Sometimes he would go until 6.  Barrett, on the other hand, was up usually 6-7 times a night with pain.   With Barrett at the hospital with Nate, and mom taking Noah’s early morning feeding, I got a good bit of sleep for the first time in a LONG time.

Barrett had a good night – he picked up on his feedings and started eating much more frequently.  They gave him morphine around 2am because they thought he might be having some pain, but Nate said he didn’t think it was that bad.   That was the last time they had to give him any.  He has been on just tylenol since then.    They finally discharged us around noon, and we were really ready to go!

This afternoon he went back to eating his regular amount (he hasn’t eaten that amount in over 2 weeks!) and took a good nap.  He hasn’t seemed to be in hardly any pain at all…he shows a little discomfort when the tylenol starts to wear off, but that is normal.  He basically just gets really fidgety, then whimpers when he moves his legs.

It is amazing how different he is now that he is feeling better.   He even looks different because his face and muscles are so relaxed.  I can tell that his sleep is so much deeper and more relaxed, and when he eats, he actually seems to enjoy it rather than being in pain.  He has not screamed through a feeding since the surgery.  During the time that he is awake and looking around, he seems happier and more alert.  We’ve gotten a smile or two out of him today, and we havent seen any of those in a LONG time!

Of course we aren’t out of the woods yet.  We still have to wait for all of the after-effects of surgery to wear off before we know for sure if he is going to be back to 100%, and if the problem really was completely caused by the hernias.  But with this much improvement so quickly, I am hopeful!

Thanks for all of your calls, texts, emails, and especially prayers.  We really appreciate how encouraging and supportive our friends and family have been through everything with these boys, not just this one issue.  We are so blessed that so many people love them so much.  God is good, all the time!


2 thoughts on “Back at home

  1. That is great! I’m glad to hear he’s already doing so much better, and pray that he continues to do better. I also pray that with his improvement you ALL will be able to get more and more sleep!

  2. That is such wonderful news!! Thank you for sharing news about your sweet boys with us…I will keep them in my prayers…and you and Nathan too!!

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