This morning we got up at 4am to get ready to bring Barrett to the hospital.  We spent the night at my parents’ house last night so that we could get up and leave this morning without waking Noah.  Unfortunately, all the commotion woke him up anyway, so he decided he might as well eat if he was going to be awake.  So he got an extra meal today (:  Not that he needs it…that kid has fat rolls galore.

We left at 5:30 after getting Barrett ready to go, bags packed, and getting Noah settled with my mom.  This was the first time that we have ever separated the boys for any reason, so it was really weird only having one baby with us. We got to the hospital and checked in right about the time that Barrett realized it had been awhile since his last meal, and he started to let us know that he was not a big fan of this whole no-eating-before-surgery thing.  We were taken to a room and given a baby-sized hospital gown, then we took him down to pre-op where they drew little marks on his abdomen in the 3 places that they were going to do incisions. We also met the anesthesiologist and learned about how that would work, then had a few minutes to ask the surgeon any final questions.  Then it was kisses all around and he was whisked away for his operation at about 7:10am.

At 7:35 they called the waiting room to let us know that surgery had started and Barrett had responded well to the anesthesia.

At about 8:30, they came to tell us he was out of surgery and was doing well.  We spent a few minutes talking to the surgeon about the specifics.  The bilateral hernias were small and only fluid-filled, which is good.  The umbilical hernia was much larger and was big enough to trap the intestine inside, so that was most likely the one causing him pain.  Unfortunately there is a chance that one can come back, so we are hoping it doesn’t.  We won’t know for sure if all of his pains were caused by the hernias for about a week… we have to wait for him to fully recover from the surgery and see if he is still having trouble.  We are seeing a GI specialist next monday anyway, and if this did not fix the problem, we will begin looking into other causes.  The good thing is that this surgery was going to have to be done either way, the surgeon just put a rush on it because of the pain.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, I won’t have to feel guilt for putting him through it, because the hernias had to be repaired eventually no matter what.

Around 9am they called me back to the recovery room because he was awake.  He had woken up in a good deal of pain, so they gave him some morphine and he fell asleep really quickly.  They moved us to a permanent room, and he slept for several hours.  He woke up later in the afternoon in pain again, so he received another dose of morphine.  The problem is that two of the three incisions are right next to the crease where his legs meet his torso, so any leg movement hurts.  He keeps trying to kick his legs and pull them up into the fetal position, which is natural for a baby, but those positions hurt him a lot…so he would cry out in pain whenever he tried.  They are also giving him tylenol every 6 hours, and he is hooked up to an IV until he will start eating a normal amount.  So far he isn’t eating much because he is sleeping so hard, and when he is awake he doesn’t feel very well.

Nate and I took short naps this afternoon.  Nate slept on the pull-out chair and I climbed into the crib with Barrett. It’s basically a shorter-than-normal  twin-sized bed with metal bars on the sides that raise and lower…its much larger than a normal crib, so as long as I kept my legs bent I could fit. He seemed to be comforted a lot by snuggling up next to me, so I stayed in there with him for most of the afternoon.

Tonight, Barrett seems to be feeling a good bit better.  He woke up for awhile and didn’t cry. He just laid in my arms and rested for awhile.  We even changed his diaper (which had hurt a lot before), and he didn’t fuss.  When he moves his legs, he only whimpers or grunts now instead of crying out in pain, so that seems to be an improvement as well.   So far we have not had to give him anymore morphine and I am hoping it will stay that way.  They are still expecting him to sleep pretty hard most of the night, so I am hoping he will get some good rest.  They will probably send us home with something stronger than just the tylenol (which was the original plan) because they don’t think the tylenol is going to be enough for another day or so.

We were planning to be discharged tomorrow morning, but we might have to stay longer in the day if he is still not eating well yet, because they won’t disconnect the IV until he is getting enough nutrients on his own.  Hopefully he’ll be feeling well enough to start eating normally by morning.

Tonight, I came back to my moms house to spend some time with Noah and get some rest.  Nate practically kicked me out the door.  He and the nurses are handling the night shift (at his insistence!) because I haven’t gotten more than a couple hours sleep at a time in about 2 weeks.  Since tomorrow could potentially be a long day if Barrett is still in a good deal of pain from surgery, Nate insisted that I come home and get a decent night’s sleep.  There isn’t anywhere for 2 of us to sleep in the hospital room (and I can’t really spend a whole night in the crib), and with nurses coming in to check vitals every couple of hours, there’s no way I would have slept much there.  It was so hard to leave the hospital room, but Barrett was sleeping well and Nate was kicking me out.  Plus I know that I will be able to care for him better tomorrow after he leaves the hospital if I am not completely exhausted.

well I’m calling it a night.  Say a prayer for Barrett, and I’ll update tomorrow with the latest.


5 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. We are so glad the surgery went well. Thanks for the update! I’m glad Nate stood up to you and made you get out of the hospital. That’s a difficult thing to do. But I can’t imagine how you were even able to take a short nap in those cribs. We will be praying you guys get to go home tomorrow.

  2. Praying for you guys. Hopefully this surgery will help with all the pains and problems Barrett was having and y’all can get back to a more normal life…at least as normal as life can be with newborn twins!

  3. Dear Nate & Nikki,
    You have been in our prayers since we learned Nikki was expecting & will continue to cast our cares for all of you to God.
    Susan & Mike

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