Update on Barrett (8-09-10)

After several weeks of doctors appointments, we finally met with a doctor today who agrees with what Nate and I have been saying all along…  this is not just reflux or colic.  I was about to go crazy… if another doctor had told me “oh he’ll probably just grow out of it,” I would have punched him in the face.  You cannot take a tiny baby who is screaming in pain for the majority of the day and refusing to eat, and say “welcome to the world of colic…” which is what one doctor actually said to me.  I’m pretty sure “colic” is doctor-speak for “your baby is crying and I’m not sure why, but he’ll probably quit eventually.”

Today we met with a pediatric surgeon, and he scheduled Barrett for surgery first thing tomorrow morning.  Since he’s so young, he’ll spend the night at the hospital on a monitor, just to make sure he handles the anesthesia well.   Nate and I were really hoping that this is what would happen at today’s appointment, so we are thrilled that everything will finally be taken care of and Barrett will hopefully get some relief.  We were also thrilled with the fact that the doctor was as concerned about his pain as we are and wasn’t willing to put a delay on it and just wait it out, particularly since he is eating less and less every day.

The surgery is to have an umbilical and bilateral inguinal hernias repaired, as well as a laparascopy.  The hernias are interfering with his intestines and causing the pain, we think.  The laparascopy is to see if the intestine is beginning to twist or has any interference anywhere else.

We also saw a speech pathologist who specializes in infant feeding issues, and she gave us some helpful information for getting Noah to start eating properly (he has trouble with his tongue) and helping Barrett through the pain so he will eat a little more.  We’re hoping all of that will be effective as well.

The only bad thing about all of this chaos today was that the boys were carted all over town for several hours and taken in and out of their carseats for exams…which means they did NOT spend the morning getting a nap like usual.  Sooo, if you walked into my house right now you would be greeted by two little grouches.  Four grouches if you count their sleep-deprived parents.

I’ll update tomorrow with surgery results.  Until then, say a prayer for a successful procedure and wise doctors!


2 thoughts on “Update on Barrett (8-09-10)

  1. That’s great! We will be praying for a successful surgery tomorrow morning.

    I think you’re right about doctors using the “colic” excuse. It’s similar to every hyper child having ADD.

  2. Praying for you, Nate and both boys today! So happy that the surgeon finally listened and really looked for an answer instead of writing it off as colic. Keep us posted.

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