I have a couple of posts working in “draft” stage, but they are going to be put on hold.   Barrett is having a really rough time these days, so that’s taking pretty much my full attention.  We will hopefully have something figured out soon so that he will have some relief from all of these tummy issues.   For now, we’re just trying to keep him comfortable and minimize the pain until we figure out what the problem is and fix it.  Since this is an around-the-clock effort, any extra time I have is going to be spent sleeping, not blogging!    Thankfully, Noah is generally a very patient and understanding brother (:

I’ll be back when I’m getting more sleep, or when I have an update on how he’s feeling. Hopefully it won’t take long!

In the meantime, say a prayer for little Barrett (and the rest of his family!).


4 thoughts on “Postponing….

  1. Poor baby :( Hopefully he is feeling better soon! I had a hard time with Whitley the whole first year (heck, I’m still having issues! ha!) and I know it’s tiring! Definitely sleep when you can :)

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