Beach trip!

This week the boys had their first “real” beach trip.  We came once before when they were 4 weeks old, but I hardly count that one because we never even set foot on the balcony.  We stayed inside the condo the entire time, so it doesn’t really count as anything except a trip away from home.

This week, however, the boys spent some good times out on the balcony in the salty air, they went out to dinner at one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants, and they even spent some time down by the pool this afternoon in the shade.    Most of the week was spent being loved on by grandparents, though, because they were lucky enough to have both sets down here at the same time!  Nate’s mom and stepdad met us down here on Monday, and my parents drove down Tuesday.  Needless to say, they were a little spoiled this week (:

Nate and I had a great time too.  We got some good rest because we could wake up and pass the babies off to very welling grandmothers, then go back to bed.  We went down to the beach and the pool during naptimes, and we even got a date night of dinner and a movie!  It will definitely be nice to be back at home in my own bed with our familiar routine again, but it was wonderful having a week away with so much help.   I will say that I had to share my boys alot this week though, and I’m looking forward to getting some good one-on-one time back with them!  (or is that one-on-two time?)

I’m not sure when our next family vacation will be, so I guess I should soak this one up while I can!   Nate and I have two short overnight trips planned in the next few months, (one for our anniversary when my mom is keeping the boys, and one for my cousins wedding when Nate’s mom is keeping them…each will only be 1 night and less than 24 hours total) but it will probably be awhile until we travel with them again.   Right now they sleep the whole way, but I have a feeling that the next time we go somewhere, they might not travel quite so easily!

And in honor of their 8 week birthday today, here’s a glimpse of what they’re looking like these days…

Noah, 8 weeks
Barrett, 8 weeks

2 thoughts on “Beach trip!

  1. When I scrolled down and saw Noah, I said outloud, (though I am alone) “That is Nate Bonham!” There he is, peeking out of his little green blanket. Nate. Not sure who I think Barrett looks like… but he sure looks angelic sleeping with his sweet little arm up.

    Glad you two – four – have had such a great vacation! Be safe coming home!

  2. Such sweet babies! They look very healthy and content and I just know that all of you had a wonderful time on vacation!

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