7 weeks…

I’m expecting two little cutie pies to wake up at any second, so I’m going to have to hurry.  I have two dictators running my life (:

Speaking of the boys, here’s the latest update  on how they’re doing at 7 weeks.

  • The growth spurt is over! It lasted about 3 and a half days.  I am not looking forward to the next one!
  • The boys were weighed this week (wednesday) at the pediatrician – Noah was 9lb 13oz  and Barrett was 7lb 13oz.  They are getting so big!!
  • Speaking of how big they are,  Barrett moved up to newborn size clothes a couple of weeks ago, and this week Noah moved up to 0-3 month size.   It seems like just yesterday the preemie clothes were too big for them. This is going way too fast.
  • They are both alot more alert than they were, and it is so cute.  They are awake for longer during the day and are much more responsive to us.  Sometimes we can even coax a smile out of Noah!  Nate still isnt convinced that they’re “real” smiles though.
  • They are getting really strong.   They are getting good about getting out of their swaddles when they want to and working their way across the crib.  Noah can even flip himself over, but it’s not on purpose and he has no idea he’s doing it.  But sometimes he gets those little arms and legs going so fast that he flips.
  • Barrett is turning into the cuddle bug – he loves being swaddled and snuggled up.   Noah is usually pretty content sitting next to me and looking around.  He studies everything so hard.
  • We have a pretty consistent routine during the day, and they seem to do really well as long as I don’t throw any big kinks in it.  Then of course, there are days when they are more hungry or less hungry than normal, or they want to sleep longer or not at all…and we have to throw the routine out the window and just make it through the day.  But most days, they like to keep things pretty much the same.  I figure its good to have a routine and a pattern so that we have some consistency, but I have to be flexible, too or else we’re all going to lose our minds. I’m a fan of routines and schedules because I function so much better with them, but I also know that you can’t force it.   Maybe I’ll do another post on this at some point too.
  • Barrett is still having some tummy issues, and were working through those.  We saw the doctor twice last week, and we’ll go again in about a week and a half.  Hopefully we’ll get all of this taken care of soon!   It is definitely better than it was, but we still have a little ways to go.

Overall, we are still doing really well.  The growth spurt and Barrett’s upset tummy have meant a little more drama than we used to have, but things are still pretty low-key for the most part.  I am hoping it stays that way!

This week, we’ll head back to the beach with the family. Both sets of grandparents will be with us, so hopefully we can convince somebody to babysit for an evening and we can have a date night!


2 thoughts on “7 weeks…

  1. GLAD AND GRATEFUL to God for keeping the boys well and I am especially glad that despite the trials and testing of your faith, you and Nate stand strong and faithful and you remain SANE! God bless you new family!!
    Banji Sokoya-the “Tennesse” Mom

  2. So glad the boys are doing so well! Sounds like they are getting big! Have fun at the beach this week and enjoy a night out with Nate–looking forward to seeing pictures soon I hope! :)

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