The light at the end of the tunnel…

We’ve spent the last 3 days doing nothing but feeding and consoling babies nonstop.  Of course, we do that every day anyway, but this has been a whole new level of insane.   The good thing is that I knew that this growth spurt was coming…just about every new mama I know warned me about it.  If this had just happened without me knowing what it was, I probably would have panicked and taken them to the doctor, thinking something was terribly wrong.  Fortunately, people told me the signs to look for and encouraged me to just hunker down and ride it out for 3 days or so.   So, thank you to all the mamas out there who gave me advice and warned me about this beforehand! I owe you big time!

Wednesday night was by far the most difficult night we’ve had since the boys were born.   They were up every other hour needing to eat, and since they weren’t getting much sleep, they were fussy and restless.  All 4 of us were exhausted by morning.  Thursday I just fed them all day long, and that night was a little better. Friday we had an appointment to have the boys’ portraits made, and I almost rescheduled because of this growth spurt…I was afraid they would need to eat right in the middle of the shoot, plus I knew they would be fussier than normal.   I decided to just keep the appointment and hope for the best.

Big mistake.

They had complete meltdowns. We ended up trying to feed them throughout the shoot to keep them from going crazy, which just made it worse.  They ended up snacking on and off for 2 hours, each of them took different amounts and ate at different times, and neither one had a better attitude to show for it.  We finally decided to call it quits and try again next week. But that wasn’t the worst of it.

A few hours later, it was time to eat again…. except only one was hungry.  They have been on the same schedule since birth, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about this.  Barrett absolutely would not eat.  He was still full from his snacking at the portrait studio.  Noah was starving.  I couldn’t let him sit there and scream from hunger, so I fed him anyway, even though Barrett refused to eat.  Then, an hour and a half later, the situation reversed. Barrett was starving and Noah wouldn’t eat. Etc, etc, etc…

I realized, “this is what they warned me about when they said ‘whatever you do, don’t let them get on different schedules!’ they were right.”   Nate and I realized we were about to be in for a LONG night.

It took hours of both of us constantly tag-teaming (and constantly giving each other pep-talks!), but we finally had them synched back up around 5:30am.   They’re eating and sleeping at the same time again, and hopefully that means we can return to a bit of normalcy around here.  Even though it was only about 15 hours or so of them being on different schedules, I figured out real fast that I will do WHATEVER it takes to keep that from happening again!   I wish I hadn’t had to learn that the hard way, but I guess that’s how it happens sometimes.

Thankfully, the growth spurt seems to be coming to an end.  They are eating at their normal intervals again, and they aren’t scarfing down insane amounts of milk like they were.   And, hallelujah, they aren’t having meltdowns left and right today.

Maybe now my sweet little boys will return!  Of course, Now that I’ve said all of this, I’m sure my next post will be “I spoke too soon…”


One thought on “The light at the end of the tunnel…

  1. lol probably so but you are getting close to when it gets sooooo much easier!! 8 weeks is a huge milestone! So you are almost there :). I know they were born early so it might take them a little bit longer but hopefully since they hit the 6wk growth spurt on time that they will be right on target for taking big leaps (sleeping more!!) at 8 weeks.

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