6 weeks…

Today the boys hit the 6 week mark, and let me tell you, there’s no way you could miss it.  I heard from about a hundred people about the “6-week growth spurt,” and we are smack-dab in the middle of it, times two.   This is pretty much what it looks like:  They are starving around the clock, which means they spend alot of time eating rather than sleeping, which means they are more tired than normal, which means they are fussier than they’ve ever been.

The good news is that they are still doing everything pretty much together, which is nice.   They both get hungry at the same time and want to sleep at the same time.  If they weren’t sticking together, I’m not sure I’d be doing anything at all other than feeding babies around the clock!  Thankfully, everything I’ve seen says this only lasts a couple of days, then they’ll be back to their normal, adorable, pleasant-natured selves.  I hope so!   If these meltdowns are any indication of what it is going to be like when they get shots, I’m in big trouble.    If you’ve got any tips on making it through the 6-week growth spurt, or how to get your normal schedule back once it’s over, I’d be happy to hear them!!

Nate and I just keep on telling ourselves that we are just happy they’re having growth spurts…. we are thrilled that they are gaining weight and eating so well, even if it means a couple of long days and nights.  It won’t last forever, and it could be worse!


4 thoughts on “6 weeks…

  1. Wow! I suggest friends pray for lots of grace and energy for y’all. :) You are many steps ahead of anywhere I was when mine were 6 weeks. We didn’t know what a schedule looked like at that point. In fact, I’m still working on it!

  2. Anastacia had a couple of “growth spurt” and it was really tough for me since i am not producing tons of milk..it felt like she’s hungry all the time…not eating at all from me…but she was quite okay after the shots…pretty fine..only cried one time and it didn’t last long…get tylenol ready for that…they’ll be fine..

  3. I’m so glad the babiers are doing well. Our Sunday School Class has been praying for y’all!! Enjoy each moment and remember it will all eventually pass. Just enjoy being Mom and Dad.
    P.S. (Lots of pictures for the grandparents)

  4. In my experience, once I realized it was a growth spurt that was going on, I resigned myself that I was going to do nothing but feed for a few days. All plans were off. BUT — Each of my kids would hit a sleepy day when the hungry days were over. . . I’d usually have to wake them for feedings that day. . . . and Wow! that was such a relief!

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