Things I never thought I’d say…

I have a feeling I will be able to add to this list pretty regularly as the boys get older and I get introduced to lots of new aspects of being a mama to boys.  So far, here are a few of the things that have come out of my mouth (or Nate’s) that we never would have expected.

  • “Hey, give me your opinion on the color of this poop.”
  • “You are not allowed to eat body parts that do not belong to you.”
  • “I think I have pee in my hair. But I’m not 100% sure.”
  • “I wonder what the best way is to get pee off the wall…?”
  • “Hey buddy…Get your brother’s nose out of your mouth.”
  • “Yay! Hooray for poop! Maybe the next one will be bigger and he’ll feel better.”

Why is it that so many conversations about babies have to do with their bodily functions? I never in my life thought I’d be so in tune to another persons bathroom habits. It’s ridiculous!


3 thoughts on “Things I never thought I’d say…

  1. Just wait. Boys have a fascination with bodily functions and their noises. The conversations are only beginning! Love you!

  2. Just this morning I announced to my household that Clark’s poop looked a lot like fudge this morning. And then I said “Mmm, fudge sounds good.”

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