We’re Home!

Yesterday we got the great news that we could tentatively plan on going home in the morning, pending the results from the boys’ bloodwork.  The numbers came back this morning and look like they’re still somewhat stable, so the doctor let us bring the boys home with instructions to continue phototherapy treatment on bili-blankets.   We go back tomorrow to have their blood tested again and make sure things are still stable, and we’ll probably have to continue going back for a few more days this week.  Hopefully things will continue to be stable and we will not have to check back in to the hospital.

Getting ready to leave the hospital made for a busy morning!  We had to pack up our entire room- and after living there for almost 3 weeks, we had quite alot of stuff in there.  We had to go to Babies R Us to get preemie inserts for the carseats.  Barrett had to have an echo-cardiogram done to track the progress of his 2 little heart issues (one is gone, the other is still there and will require some follow-up with a cardiologist in a few weeks, but it isn’t a big deal).   We had lots of paperwork to fill out and treatment instructions for continued home-therapy.  The rep from the medical supply company came out to the hospital to give us a lesson on how to use the bili-blankets (although we have been using them for days now!)  We had to have some letters written to our insurance company from the doctor to make sure our home-treatment would be covered. And the boys had to have a couple of shots.  What a morning!

After several hours of preparation, we were finally allowed to load up the boys in their carseats and drive away.   Don’t worry…we took a couple of pictures, but I’m too tired right now to find the camera and upload them.  I still have several things to unpack and put away, plus I really need a nap!!

Thankfully, my sister is cooking us dinner, my parents are coming over for awhile to help out, and my mother in law is en route from Chattanooga to spend a week with us.

Tomorrow we go back to the hospital for bloodwork, Wednesday I go back to my OBGYN for a 3-week checkup, and either Thursday or Friday (or both), we’ll do more bloodwork back at the hospital.   Other than that, I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending all of my extra time sleeping!  So don’t be surprised if I don’t post quite so frequently for a few days…. I have a little bit of sleep to catch up on!  But for now, I’m just happy to be getting whatever little sleep I can in MY OWN BED!


3 thoughts on “We’re Home!

  1. i know a great cardiologist…dr. braden! seriously, ya’ll should talk to him if you are going to need yearly check ups or anything of the sort.

  2. So excited y’all are getting to enjoy being a family of four under your own roof! Praying the blood levels continue to drop and y’all don’t have to check back in.

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