Happy Father’s Day!

Today Nate is celebrating his very first Father’s Day.  Unfortunately, we are celebrating in a hospital room, but it’s better than nothing!  We actually got out for a little while to go to my parents’ house and see the rest of the extended family, but we weren’t there too long before we were both itching to get back to the hospital with our boys.

As far as gifts go, Nate didn’t have much in the way of opening presents…at least not today.   I had ordered him a gift awhile back, and it came in the day I went into labor.  I actually gave it to him that day, and now I’m glad I did!  So at least he knows what his gift from me was, even though he can’t use it because we’re here at the hospital.  Here’s what I got him:

Mr. Coffee Frappe Machine

Nate has found a newfound love for Frappuccino, and its the only kind of coffee drink that he likes.  He makes them at home, but it takes a long time because you have to brew the coffee, blend the drink, then wait for it to get cold.  Since we are looking at alot of sleepless nights and exhausting days, I figured a coffee quick-fix might be a good gift!!  He was excited about the machine, but I went into labor about half an hour after I gave it to him, so we have yet to make anything with it.

Since I didn’t have an actual gift to give him today, and I havent exactly had the chance to go purchase a Father’s Day card, the best I could do was to write him a letter in lieu of a card….not too fancy, but he understands (:

Our sons, however, are apparently much better at planning ahead than I am, because they came back to visit us in the room and brought little gifts with them!  Too bad they were asleep when their Daddy opened them:

Cards that say "Happy Father's Day" on the front

They made these all by themselves in the NICU as a surprise for us.  Our boys are obviously sweet and sensitive already!   I love that I’ll be able to save these in their baby books, along with several other little happies from our stay here at the hospital.

Nate will end his first Father’s Day by getting to go to sleep with his boys in the room for the first time.  Of course this means that we will probably get ZERO sleep tonight, but that’s okay.  It will be worth it!

Happy Father’s Day to the most loving, giving, selfless and wonderful man I’ve ever met!  Your boys have no idea how lucky they are, and I hope they end up just like you (:  I love you, Natey!


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