The results are in!

Nate and I received a great piece of news this week…. are you ready for this?

Barrett does not have Skeletal Dysplasia!

A couple of days ago, we found out from a nurse that the geneticist’s report indicated that Barrett does not have Skeletal Dysplasia.   “Shocked” is an understatement to describe my reaction.  I just kept looking at Barrett and saying “I can’t believe it!”  Even though I knew that he looks 100% normal and that his legs and arms don’t appear to be short at all,  I was expecting the geneticist to come back and tell us that he did indeed have it, but that it was very mild.  I was expecting a “borderline” diagnosis, and that it might not show up until he was a little older.   To hear from the nurse that the the bone scans were normal was a shock!

We decided not to really tell anyone about it except for our immediate families, at least until we had the chance to talk to the doctor and find out exactly what was in the report.  We assumed it must be all good news since they allowed the nurse to tell us – if there was any downside, we figured the doctor would sit down and discuss it with us himself.  But just in case, we wanted to make sure we had the full story from him before we started spreading the news.

As it turns out, the geneticist reviewed Barrett’s bone scans and film, and he thinks that everything looks completely normal.  It appears that he had some form of growth restriction while in the womb, and it was probably caused by some sort of placental issue…however,  there doesn’t appear to be any indication of what that might have caused the problem.  For some reason, something was causing Barrett not to grow right at the end, and we don’t know what it was.  But thankfully, ever since he was born, the problem has gone away and he has started making up for it.  He has been growing like crazy and is already getting closer to being right on track.  This is another indication that the problem was with the placenta and not with some sort of chromosomal abnormality.

I asked whether this is one of those things that we should have checked out down the road, just in case, to make sure he really doesn’t have it…but they don’t think there’s any need to pursue it at all.  They seem to be pretty confident that although it looked like Skeletal Dysplasia during pregnancy, there isn’t any reason to think that’s what it is now.  He is acting completely like a growth-restricted baby, and he should be caught up with his brother in no time.

Of course Nate and I were thrilled!   We came back to the room and spent some time just thanking and praising the Lord.  We were so thankful that the Lord answered this prayer in exactly the way that we had hoped.   Of course He is always faithful and good, and that wouldn’t have changed no matter what the outcome.  We still would have been proclaiming the Lord’s goodness even if God’s answer had been “No…Barrett does have SD, and I will show my faithfulness to your family through it.”   But we are extremely thankful for Barrett’s sake that he will not have to struggle with this issue as he grows up.

Thanks for praying for our little boys throughout this process.  We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in their lives next!


4 thoughts on “The results are in!

  1. PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD!! We are so excited and will PRAISE him with you!! We have been praying for this to happen adn for God to glorify Himself. That’s the best news ever – you made our weekend – we are so excited for you!! Hugs

  2. God is so good! It amazes me how many times God has shown His faithfulness already in these boys lives. I know God has a VERY special plan for these two special children!

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