Date Night

Today is day 14 of life at Women’s Hospital, counting the day the boys were born.  I can’t believe they will be 2 weeks old tomorrow!  Sometimes it feels like we have been here forever, but sometimes I can’t believe it’s already been 2 whole weeks since they were born…But I guess that’s how it always goes.

We’ve decided to take the nurses up on their advice.  They have been telling us over and over again that we have to get out of this hospital for a night to keep from losing our minds.  Living in a tiny beige hospital room for this long isn’t good for anyone!  Since the boys are doing so well, we have decided to take them up on their offer to “babysit” and take a night off.   They are right:   a good night of some REAL sleep in our own bed will probably do us some good in the midst of this draining situation!  My main reason for really jumping on this is that my back is driving me crazy, and I think that a night in my own bed might help it to feel better.

Our plan tonight is to feed the boys their supper at 5:30, then let the nurses take over.  We were going to go on a “date” to dinner and a movie, but then we realized that the LAST thing we want to do is eat out again…. we’ve had to eat out almost every meal for 2 weeks since we don’t have a fridge in our room, and we are sick of restaurant food!!  Cooking a meal at home would require going to the grocery store first and then having a full kitchen to clean afterwards, which doesn’t sound too appealing either, especially since we’ll only be home for 12 hours or so.  So my mom came up with a solution.  She is going to cook a potroast for us and drop it off in a crock pot at our house.  By the time we get home tonight, there will be a hot, homemade dinner waiting on us!  I can’t wait.  Then we’ll probably watch a movie and crash early….in our own bed.   We’ll be back up at the hospital by 8am tomorrow morning to feed the boys their breakfast.

Before now, I never would have considered spending a night away from the boys.  Their blood levels were back and forth way too much, we were dealing with those transfusion, they had spells where they weren’t feeling well, and I was trying to nurse as often as I was allowed to take them out of the box.   Now, they have been doing really well for a few days. They are eating well, they feel good, they are gaining weight like crazy, and their blood levels are somewhat stable even though they aren’t as low as we need them to be yet.   Plus I can’t take them out of the box to nurse right now anyway.  For the first time since we’ve been here, I don’t feel like anything crazy is going to happen if I leave the hospital for a little while.  I don’t feel the pressure to always be here, “just in case.” I am sure they will be just fine.

I will say that there’s the possibility that I might have a tiny meltdown tonight when I have to go to sleep without kissing them goodnight.  I probably won’t make it through the night without calling the NICU at least once or twice, just to check on them.  I will probably hop out of bed bright and early tomorrow morning, itching to get back up here and kiss on their sweet faces!


2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. I just love this website. You are doing such a great job and are a terrific mom to those boys. I am so excited for you all.

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