Saturday Evening Update

I posted this morning that Barrett was rebounding and Noah was going to need a transfusion.  We found out later this afternoon that Barrett would need a transfusion as well.  This is NOT the kind of transfusion we had been worried about for the past several weeks- this is a routine transfusion with little to no risk.  The other kind (a double volume exchange transfusion) is still what we are trying to avoid.

Noah’s transfusion finally got started around 3pm.  It takes about 4 hours, so he finished up at 7.  We were able to go in there while it was happening, and seeing it really put my mind at ease.  They put the IV running through his belly button, and he was lying in the isolette sleeping soundly the whole time.  He had been really pale from the anemia, but it didn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes for his color to start coming back.  I went back in to feed him a few minutes ago, and he has perked up a whole lot now that he’s had the transfusion.  They are about to run his blood levels again to see if he needs more blood, so he might have 1 more transfusion tonight.   Transfusions for babies have to go a little slower, so breaking it up into 2 transfusions is normal.

This afternoon, Barrett’s levels came back really low as well, so they have just started a transfusion on him about 20 minutes ago.  His will go until about 1am, and then around 3 they will run his blood levels to see if he needs more.

Hopefully, this will take care of the anemia and it might even help the bili issue as well.  We will just have to see what happens.   They can’t receive their light therapy in the box during the transfusion, so hopefully being out of the boxes during this procedure won’t drive their levels up too much.  They will be back in the boxes as soon as they can be to treat whatever changes take place in the meantime.

On a positive note, when they weighed the boys tonight, Barrett had hit the 4lb mark! Noah is now up to 5lb 9oz, so both boys have surpassed their birthweights.  We are so excited that they are growing steadily despite everything else going on.  They are great little eaters, so hopefully they’ll just keep on packing on the weight.

Nate and I are doing pretty well.  We are much more at ease once we saw the procedure happening – it’s not nearly as scary as we were expecting.  Hopefully this will all be over soon!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Update

  1. Nikki thanks so much for keeping us updated!! We both keep coming to the computer to see if there is any news and of course continue to pray for not just the babies but you and Nate as well. I can only imagine how emotional this must be for you – so glad that Nate is there with you! We’re praying these transfusions will do the trick and that y’all will be home in not time! Thanks for the info on their feeding, I enjoyed visiting with you even if only through email. That was such a special time for me with our 2 kids. Keep on “trusting the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight”!!

  2. Girl you have been such an inspiration to me! I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy couple of months, but stay strong!

  3. Nikki and Nate…..Just now as I was reading your latest update on the boys, I thought back to our experience in the NICU when our boys were born. Although it has almost been 4 years ago, I remember every detail as if it were yesterday. I think I always will! I remember days when I felt so helpless just watching and waiting for them to get better. Jim and I learned what it meant to truly trust God! As crazy as it sounds, the weeks we were there were some of the best times of our lives and some of the hardest also. I just want you both to know that we are praying for all of you! I hope to get to come by and hold those precious boys when they come home! Please call me if yall need anything! Love, Shannon Polles

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