Update on the boys…

Thanks to all of our friends and family for praying for Noah and Barrett!  They are doing alot better than they were yesterday, although they are both back in the special boxes with IV ports in their heads.  Noah’s level went up overnight, so they ended up putting him back in the box this morning.   With the combination of the lights and meds, their blood levels have started dropping again.  They are dropping alot quicker than before, so hopefully that means that this rebound isn’t going to last too long.   It will still be a little while before we can take them out of the  boxes again, and hopefully they won’t rebound so badly next time.

Unfortunately,  this little setback means that it will be a little longer before we can go home.  We still don’t know how long.  Barrett has a couple of other issues that have to be taken care of before he can leave, and we aren’t sure how long that will take.   Mainly, he has to gain enough weight (they want him to be at least 4 and a half pounds, so he still has a little ways to go), and he has to go 7 days straight with no apnea spells.  His last one was Monday morning, so hopefully he won’t have anymore.  They both have to be able to maintain a constant temperature on their own, and they have to be feeding well.  Plus both of their blood levels have to be completely stable with no rebounds, and we have no idea how long that will take… it could be a few days, it could be another week or 2.  We just have to take it day by day!

Thanks again for praying for our boys.  Keep praying that those levels will stabilize soon so that they can come out of those boxes.  I’m ready to be able to hold them again!

And ps – I have been writing out the story of what happened the day they were born, but every time I get a little bit finished, it’s time to head back into the NICU for another feeding… blogging takes alot longer these days!  But I will post it soon (:


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