The birth story…

Today we are celebrating the boys 1 week birthday.  I can’t believe it has already been a week since they were born!  I should have posted this earlier, but it seems like every time I sit down to write, it’s time to head back into the NICU for another feeding!  It’s crazy how much your life revolves around feeding babies when they’re this little….especially when there’s two of them!

But finally, after a week, here’s the story of their birthday:

Last Tuesday (June 1), I went to the doctor and found out that it probably wouldn’t be long until our boys made their grand entrance into the world.  I was excited and nervous all at the same time, but I was so thankful that we had made it to 34 weeks.  For the first time, it felt like the excitement of meeting them outweighed the fear of early delivery.

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal, except for the fact that I did a few extra things in preparation, just in case.  Wednesday night I went to bed feeling normal, then woke up several times in the middle of the night with some unexpected pain and pressure… the kind I normally have when I’ve been standing for too long.  I thought it was strange that I was feeling it so strongly since I was lying down.  I also had several strong contractions, but they weren’t in a pattern or very close together, so I decided to wait it out and see what happened.   When I woke up Thursday morning, I could tell that something was very different.  I didn’t know if it meant I was close or not, but I knew something was changing.

Nate had planned to go help a friend with a project at their house that morning, but since he would only be gone a couple of hours, I told him to go ahead and go…I would call him if anything changed.  I figured that nothing would happen quickly enough for me to have to go to the hospital within a couple of hours anyway.  Just in case, we packed the van up with all of our hospital stuff, and I had someone on standby in case we needed them.

Nate made it back around lunchtime, and by that time the symptoms were getting a little stronger.  Still no regular contractions, but I felt strange enough to know that I probably wouldn’t make it through the weekend without having babies.    The pressure started getting worse and started coming in waves, but it still didn’t really feel like contractions.  I figured I would probably end up going to the doctor for my regular appointment at 8am the next morning, and she would send us to the hospital for monitoring.  But by1 o’clock in the afternoon, I had started having pretty significant pain with the pressure, so Nate finally said “we’re calling the doctor.”

The doctor told me to come in and she would see if I was in labor.  I got there around 2pm and had my exam, and she told me that things had progressed.  She asked when I had eaten last, and I told her around 10am.  She said “Okay, well we need to wait 6 hours, so that puts us at 4pm at the earliest, but maybe a little later than that.”   Nate and I looked at each other, then said “Wait….you mean, to DELIVER?”  The doctor said “Yep, you’re having babies today. Go to the hospital right now!”

So Nate and I walked out of the office at 2:30 in a little bit of shock…. we had just been told we would be having babies in 2 hours!  I called my family and let them know the plan, and Nate called his mom and told her to start driving to Jackson.   We went to the hospital, checked in, and immediately I started getting prepped for surgery.

About to meet the boys!

By 4:30pm, I was getting rolled into the operating room.  They finished prepping me, brought Nate in the room, and a team of what seemed like 100 people got to work.  I said “Are they about to start?” and one of the nurses laughed and said “Girl we’ve got you cut open already…they’re about to pull them out!”  I couldn’t believe it!

In no time at all, they were telling Nate to stand up and look over the curtain to see Noah being lifted out (4:54pm).   Noah started wailing immediately, and tears just started streaming down my face.  I saw them carry him around to the other side of the room, and within a few seconds, they said “Okay Nate, look back over the curtain…. here comes Barrett!”  (4:55pm)  I was nervous at first because I didn’t hear him cry.  They walked him around to the other side of the room, and I said “Come on Barrett, let me hear you!”  It didn’t take long before I could hear both babies crying together.

The nurses pulled Nate over so that he could watch them clean them up, and he tried to tell me what they were doing as they worked.   They started giving Noah some oxygen, but Barrett seemed to be breathing fine on his own.  Noah stabilized, and they passed both babies to Nate so that he could hold them for the first time.

He brought them over to me so that I could see them and touch them while the doctors finished sewing me up.   We sat there staring at our sweet boys and neither of us could hold back the tears.

They were going to let Nate walk out into the waiting area holding both boys, but since Noah needed oxygen, they decided that they needed to go ahead and take them to the NICU.  So the nurses put them both into a little NICU box and told Nate he could wheel them out to meet the family, as long as it didn’t take too long.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of this part, but I will get some from my family members!   After everyone got to briefly see them, the nurses took them into the NICU, where they were weighed and measured and everything else.  Noah weighed 5lb 8oz and was 17.5 inches. Barrett was 3lb 13oz and was 16 inches.

Noah, soon after birth, with oxygen tubes. Thankfully, he figured out the whole breathing thing within a few hours and was off of the tubes by the next morning!
Barrett, soon after birth, sitting in the NICU and watching everything going on around him.

When they finally let me out of the recovery area, they wheeled my bed back to the NICU so I could get a better look at the boys.  They let me hold Barrett for about a minute, since he wasn’t hooked up to oxygen tubes.  Then they sent me back to my room, where I could see a few of our family and friends that had dropped by to say hello.

Nate and I kept saying all evening long, “I cant believe they’re here. Can you believe that just happened??”  It all happened so fast that we barely had time to take it all in!

In the week that has passed since their birth, these little boys have been such a blessing to us.  We have loved every second of the bits of time we get to spend with them, although we can’t wait until we can just hold and snuggle them as much as we want.   It has been a wonderful week and a very difficult week all at the same time, but we keep telling each other that these boys are exactly where God wants them, and we’ll just continue to be thankful for our time here at the hospital.  Of course we would rather be at home with our sweet boys, but that will come soon enough.   In the meantime, we are going to continue thanking our wonderful NICU nurses and neonatal pediatrician profusely, and thanking God that he brought us such a wonderful team of caregivers.

Thanks for continuing to pray with us and for us.  We are more thankful for you than we could ever express, and we can’t wait until everyone gets to meet the boys in person instead of on the internet (:


2 thoughts on “The birth story…

  1. What a beautiful story Nikki! Thanks for sharing! I’m glad the boys arrived safely and that you are doing FANTASTIC!

  2. Hey Nikki and Nate,
    When I saw your Dad a couple of weeks ago, he told me about your blog…hope you don’t mind me catching up with you. Congratulations on the twins. They are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story, you have such a gift for writing. The best to you all. Karen

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