Calling all prayer warriors…

I have another specific prayer request for you.

For the past several days, Barrett has been showing improvement.  Yesterday, both of the boys were taken out of their special boxes, dressed in clothes, and allowed to stay in regular bassinets with a portable light blanket and monitors.  They told us that they would probably rebound a little and that their blood levels would probably go up a little bit since they weren’t getting such intense treatment…. but hopefully it wouldn’t be much of a rebound, and they could stay out of the box.  Both were doing really well.

Today, Barrett started acting like he didn’t feel well and wouldn’t eat much.  We suspected that his levels were rising again.  After a mid-afternoon blood test, we found out that they are indeed going up rapidly.  He was put back in the box this afternoon, and the IV was put back in his head so that he could be given medicine to counteract the bad antibodies.  Hopefully the combination of the box and meds will help stabilize his levels again.  If they continue to rise, we are in danger of doing a double volume blood transfusion….. which we obviously want to avoid.

One of the hardest parts is watching him lie in the box, because it is so obvious that he feels so badly.  His skin is sensitive to the touch and he doesn’t eat much.  He’s very lethargic, but sometimes gets antsy and starts thrashing around.  Plus he is wearing an eye mask all the time, so whenever we have to feed him, change his diaper, or anything like that, he is very disoriented because he can’t see.   Sudden movements startle him a good bit.  I just want to pick him up and hold him, but I can’t because I know that it will hurt him, plus it will make him burn more calories when he already isn’t eating as much as he needs to be.

The good thing is that this isn’t going to be a long-term issue.  The bad antibodies in his blood that he received from me will burn out eventually, so he will stop reacting.  But until then, we have to manage the symptoms as best we can.  Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.  Unfortunately, the process is longer for preemies

Noah’s levels have risen slightly today, but so far they seem to be more stable than Barrett’s.  He was allowed to come to our room today for the first time, although he’s still hooked up to a portable billilight.   Hopefully his levels will plateau overnight, and we won’t have to worry about putting him back in the box tomorrow.

Please pray for our boys.  I hate to watch Barrett hurting, and waiting to see what the levels will be every few hours gets tiring…  it’s amazing how quickly things can change for better or for worse.  Pray for us also, as this whole process has so many emotional ups and downs.

Thanks again, friends.  Y’all have been amazing throughout this entire process, and I appreciate you more than you know!


5 thoughts on “Calling all prayer warriors…

  1. The Rice’s are praying for sweet little Barrett. He’s going to be a big strong man one day, just wait!

  2. We’re continuing to pray for you guys and sending up some special prayers for Barrett right now. I know it won’t be long before you will be at home with both of your boys and they will both be growing into strong, healthy, Godly men!

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