Tuesday’s (6/1) Appointment…

We made it to June!!  The day we found out we were having twins, the doctor told me to just get to June.  If I could keep from having these babies in May (or earlier), we would be fine.   I can’t believe we’re actually here.

Normally I see the specialist on Mondays and my regular doctor on Thursdays, but this week the specialist is out of town… since they want me to be monitored twice a week, my regular doctor is seeing me both times this week.  This means I can’t have blood scans done until next Monday, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without them, but we can do everything else at my regular clinic.

Both boys did great on their distress tests/BPPs – 8/8 like always!  They were moving around like crazy despite the fact that they are crammed in there tighter than sardines.  I don’t understand how have room to move, but I can definitely feel it!!

After spending some time with the doctor, she told us that based on the signs she saw today, she thinks we are getting very close to delivery… and that once my body gets in gear for labor, it will go really quickly.    Apparently the pressure/weight of twins will make everything happen much quicker than normal, so we have to be ready.

They have been telling me that they wouldn’t let me go past 36-37 weeks, so I asked her if we could go ahead and put a tentative date on the schedule sometime during week 36, which is 2 weeks from now.  That way I could tell our out-of-town family “if it hasnt happened already, we will deliver on this date,”  and they could prepare accordingly.    She said “you can pick any date you want. Whatever date makes you happy, and we’ll schedule it.  But it doesn’t matter because you’re not going to make it that far. These babies will be here alot sooner than that!”

Of course I would still love to make it to 36 weeks so these babies could pack on a little more weight and develop some more, but since we have made it this far, I am perfectly fine with it if they come now.   These boys have done so much better than I ever expected, given all that has happened, so I am just thrilled that we have made it to June!!

I go back to the doctor on Friday morning for another check-up.  She wanted me to schedule my appointment first thing in the morning, just in case Friday is the day.   I guess we really are getting close!!


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