Monday’s (5/24) Appointment…

This morning Nate and I went back to the specialist for blood scans and distress tests.  (It seems like I start alot of my posts out this way!)  We were praying beforehand that the blood levels would still be stable so that we would not have to deliver this week and give the babies transfusions.   We were also looking forward to in-depth measurements and bone checkups, which only happen every few weeks.

The boys were in kind of weird positions this morning and sticking out all over the place.  The first thing the doctor said to me when he looked at my belly was “Well you are starting to get really big. And kind of funny-shaped. My mother always said not to say things like that to women, but in your case it’s true!”    Ha.  This is probably the only time in my life that I am happy to hear how big I’m getting!

The appointment went really well, and I am so thankful for having so many good appointments in a row!! The blood scans came back very stable, so their blood is still clean at the moment.  They scored 8/8 on their distress tests again (BPPs), and they were moving around and being silly as usual.  The nurse always gets a kick out of it and keeps warning me that I have a couple of hams on my hands!

The measurement checkup went well also.  Their weights are coming in at 5lbs for Noah and just under 4lbs for Barrett.  I am so thrilled that they are packing on the pounds and getting nice and chubby.  Hopefully they’ll keep on growing at this rate so that they’ll be in good shape even if they come early.  The doctor was really happy with how big they are and how much weight they have gained.   I still can’t believe that I’ve got 9lbs of baby in my belly right now…especially since I haven’t even hit 33 weeks yet!

We still don’t know much about Barrett’s Skeletal Dysplasia diagnosis, because it’s really hard to tell until he gets here and gets a little bigger.  The measurements today are still showing the same issue- his long bones are still behind.  We’ll just have to wait and see exactly what this is going to mean overall.  The good thing is that he is still healthy and kicking up a storm in there, so he obviously isn’t having too much trouble.

I’ll go back on Thursday to see the specialist again, because he is leaving town over the weekend and wants to make sure everything is still holding stable before he leaves.   Since everything still looks so good right now, I’m hoping that I can make it a few more weeks.   I’m still hoping I can get to 35, which was the doctor’s original goal before all of these complications started.  I’ll be 33 on Wednesday, so only 2 more weeks till we get there!!

Thanks for praying for us!


One thought on “Monday’s (5/24) Appointment…

  1. Love your updates but have trouble getting back to FB afterwards. Keeps looping back to your life with bonhams page. :)

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