This past week…

This past week…

1. I had 2 good doctors appointments! (1 appointment with the specialist, 1 with my regular doctor)  I am glad that nothing happened that made me have to deliver.

2. I hit the 32-week mark! This was our first major goal, so I am THRILLED that we made it to this point.  The complications for preemie’s are usually MUCH less after 32 weeks, so this was a big deal.  My friend Katy even brought over dinner and a fun cake to celebrate!

3.  Nate installed the new floor in the kitchen! He didn’t do it at the same time as the living room because he was going to have to move all of the appliances and our kitchen would be basically unusable… and it would have been hard to have both rooms unusable at the same time!   It looks great! (I still have some projects I want to do in our tiny kitchen, such as paint the walls, change the counters, repaint the cabinets, change the hardware, etc…. but that will have to wait until we can find great deals on those too!)

4. Nate did lots of other projects around the house too… He’s basically doing all of my “nesting” for me since I can’t do it (:  He has been working on cleaning out the carport, cleaning out the storage room (to make room for baby stuff that we needed to store in there), doing yardwork, changing out fans and light fixtures, fixing the smoke detectors, changing the filters and cleaning the air vents, fixing broken furniture (like my recliner!), and much more.  (He hasn’t made his way to the front yard yet, so just ignore that for a little while longer. It’s on the list!)  He has been quite productive.  I would say that, in comparison, I have been sitting on my bum doing nothing, but instead I’ll say that I have been extremely busy developing 4 lungs and NOT going into labor.  That’s a pretty big job, so I don’t feel bad.

5. We finished the nursery! I can legitimately say “we” on this one because I did alot of the little things in small, 2-minute increments throughout the week…like washing everything, organizing things, sorting diapers, etc.   Nate did all of the heavy lifting, hanging pictures, moving things around, and storing everything we won’t need for awhile.  Overall, I LOVE how it looks.    Of course it will only be like this for a few months, because as soon as we get the 2nd crib, we will have to rearrange the room again to accomodate.  It will be really tight, but I think we have figured out a way to make it work.  In the meantime while they’re sharing a crib, here’s what it looks like:

The dresser is in the closet, if you’re wondering where it is….. that’s the only place we could put it if we are going to add another crib.   I also have a few more things I’d like to hang on the walls, but I am going to wait to do it because I have a feeling that when we rearrange the furniture in a few months, I’d have to move them all anyway for it to look right.  So I’ll just wait instead of asking Nate to do it twice (:   It’s a pretty tiny room, so it will be interesting to see how it all fits!   But until the time comes for them to move to separate cribs, we are finished!

6. I read ALOT.  I feel like my concentration has finally returned!  I went through the majority of the pregnancy reading really slowly because I could barely get through a few pages without having to re-read them.  I just had such a hard time focusing.   That has gone away for some reason, so now I’m reading lots and lots…. I figure it might be awhile until I get to sit down with a good fiction book again!   Over the past week or so, I have read Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, The Noticer by Andy Andrews, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, and I’m almost finished with  Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.  Of course I still have a couple of non-fiction books that I’m working through, but I usually do those just a chapter or so at a time and spread them out a little more.   And I can’t mention all of this without also saying how much I love reading anything by Steinbeck, and I am reminded by that every time I pick up one of his novels.  I might pick up East of Eden again this next week, even though it will be about the 100th time I’ve read it.

And on the schedule for this next week…

I am hoping for 2 more great doctors appointments (both Mon and Thurs with the specialist), I am hoping that I will NOT have to deliver the babies quite yet, I will hit 33 weeks,  my little sister comes home from Rome, I say goodbye to a great friend who is moving away (I’m still in denial), Nate will keep himself busy doing who-knows-what around the house, I will probably read several more great novels, I will spend an insane amount of time on the couch, and I’ll spend another week getting even more excited about meeting my two sweet boys.   Sounds like a good week!


2 thoughts on “This past week…

  1. Congrats on making it to week 32! Keep up the good work. Nate, you are doing on awesome job on those floors. Your twins will have lots of fun sliding around on them!

    Love you both,


  2. Nikki, I love the nursery! It looks so cute and thanks for posting pictures so we could stop by and visit! We are thrilled that you made it to week 32 and are praying hard for those boys! I wanted you to know that I read your post on devotions and am excited to try your approach to reading the Bible. Can’t wait to meet the boys by photo!! Sending hugs – Deb

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