Thursday’s (5/20) Appointment…

I was going to update yesterday after the appointment, but I slept instead.  Now that going to the doctor is the only thing that I do, I have found that I am exhausted on those days.  Getting up early, getting ready, and being on my feet for awhile wears me out immediately… it’s sad, really.   I hope it doesn’t take long for my energy and strength to go back to normal after these babies get here, because this is kind of pathetic!

Anyway – the appointment went well.  We were seeing my regular OB yesterday, not the specialist, so we didn’t have any blood scans done (the specialist is the only one with the equipment to do the blood scans).  We went in for distress tests (BPPs) and a labor-sign checkup.   Both of the boys did great on the tests, but it took a little longer than normal.  Both boys are head-down now, and belly to belly.   Noah was practicing his breathing so hard (good for him!)  that his belly was pushing Barrett’s belly in and out also, and it made it really hard to tell if Barrett was actually doing his breathing exercises or if his belly was only moving because Noah’s was pressing on it.   It took a little while to get a definitive answer.

It’s going to be interesting to see if those boys like to be snuggled up that close once they get here… because right now its amazing how tightly they are pressed up together all the time.  Maybe that’s why my belly hasn’t expanded out to the sides hardly at all like most people who carry twins…  they just prefer to be jammed together in the middle and don’t want to spread out!   Who knows.

The doctor also checked to make sure I wasn’t showing any signs of labor since I have been having so many contractions (mostly Braxton Hicks I think).  So far, so good.   Hopefully, if we deliver early it will be because of the blood issue and not because I went into labor early!  Overall, my body seems to be holding up pretty well to their increasing weight and the fact that they have dropped REALLY low.

Like I said before, it is getting harder and harder to get good pictures of them because they are packed together so tightly.  This is the only one I have from yesterday:

^ Noah and Barrett's heads pressed together. Barrett is on the left and Noah is on the right.

I’ll go back to the specialist on Monday for blood scans and distress tests.  Hopefully the levels are still nice and low!  We are also supposed to be doing in-depth measurements and bone check-ups next week so that we can get a better look at  Barrett’s Skeletal Dysplasia indicators.  Hopefully we will see some improvement and growth there too.  I’m seeing the specialist twice next week (Mon and Thurs), so I’m not sure which day we’ll do measurements.  Either way, I’ll keep you updated!


One thought on “Thursday’s (5/20) Appointment…

  1. Nikki & Nate,
    I’ve been following your news & praying for everything! I’ve got my SS in Gadsden, AL praying for you too. Nikki, you seem to be doing great and your posts are wonderful. Once, when I was going through so much, a little old lady came & got my hand and looked me straight in the eye and said, “Remember, God is still on HIS throne!” I needed that. She then walked away. So, I’m passing this to you. When your world seems out of control, we need that reminder.
    Much love, Cindy
    (Avery’s MiMi)

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