Monday’s (5/17) Appointment…

This morning Nate and I went back to the specialist’s office for more blood scans and distress tests on the boys.  I was a little nervous, because I knew that if the levels had risen again like last week, we would be looking at delivering babies this weekend, and I really want to carry these boys a little longer.   Right now I’m at 31 weeks, 5 days (32 on Wednesday) …and I would like to make it to about 34-35 weeks if possible.

The appointment went really well!  Both of the boys still had low levels on the blood scans – around the same as they were when we scanned on Thursday.   It took us awhile to get Barrett’s reading because he was being such a wild man.  He just wouldn’t calm down!  Noah was active for awhile, then conked out and took a nap right when we needed him to practice his breathing for the distress test…. which meant we had to wake him up.  It took us a little while to get him to wake up and cooperate, but he finally did after alot of shaking from us and some violent kicks from Barrett.

^ Noah's head and tummy while he's sleeping... Barrett is trying to help us wake him by kicking him. I can't believe how big Barrett's foot is!

I also found out that I have been having alot of contractions lately, which I was completely oblivious to.  They feel alot different now than they did before, so I had no clue that I was having them.  I thought what I was feeling was due to Barrett pushing out really hard on my belly, but it turns out I was wrong!   They had asked if I was having any, and I said no. Then a few minutes later she said “well you’re having a pretty good contraction right now.”   I said “Oh is that what that is?  Then yes, I’m having lots of those!”   As of right now, they are just Braxton Hicks contractions, and I’m not showing any signs of actual labor.  Let’s hope it stays that way!

All of the news we got today was good, and we are so thankful for that!  Because the blood scans were still clear, it looks like we have at least another week without having to deliver the babies.   We did not do measurements today, but they said we will do another in-depth measurement and bone check-up next week, so we’ll have an update on Barrett’s condition at that point.   I will go back to my regular doctor at the end of the week, then see the specialist again next Monday morning for blood scans…. and we’ll start the process all over again!   But for now, I am happy knowing that I will at least make it to 33 weeks, barring any big surprises.

Keep praying for low levels for both boys and good bone growth for Barrett!  And praise and thank the Lord with us for a great report today!


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