31-week update and prayer requests…

This past week, I made it to the 31 week mark….which means that I am ALMOST to the point where the doctors won’t hesitate to deliver.   According to them, I will be 32 weeks on Wednesday, and this is a HUGE milestone for the babies!! I am so excited that we have made it this far, although of course I want to go  a little further!

Here’s what I’m looking like these days:

…except for the fact that I rarely EVER look like that!  I only look presentable on days when I am leaving the house for the doctor.  Most days I am in lounge clothes with no makeup and my hair pulled up.  If you’re coming to visit me at all during the week, you should prepare yourself for that (:

Tomorrow we go back to the specialist for more distress tests and blood scans on the boys.   We have been praying since Thursday that their levels have stayed nice and LOW over these several days instead of spiking again.

If the levels have gone back up,  they will most likely do the same type thing as last week:  Tell me to come back in on Wed or Thurs to rescan, and if the levels are still high, we will take action on Friday.  This time, though, we wouldn’t be doing intrauterine blood transfusions if the levels have gone up.  We would be delivering 2 tiny babies and transfusing them once they get here.   That’s the good thing about hitting the 32-week mark this week…. the risk for problems with preemies goes down significantly.

Thanks for praying for us and alongside us again.  Here’s what we are specifically praying for:

  1. The peak systolic velocity of the middle cerebral artery in both boys stays within the normal range and does not spike again….otherwise we will deliver early and do blood transfusions.
  2. Both boys continue to do well on their distress tests (biophysical profiles) and show no outward signs of problems as a result of all of these issues.
  3. For our doctors’ wisdom in reading the tests/scans and deciding what action to take, as well as in carrying out any procedures necessary.
  4. Barrett’s  “long bones” will continue growing, and we will see significant improvement in the markers indicating Skeletal Dysplasia.
  5. The babies will be safe and healthy, no matter when they are delivered, and that Nate and I will be strong and worry-free if something goes wrong.
  6. That the Lord’s will is carried out, and if our will doesn’t match His, that He will conform our wills, hearts, and minds to His, whatever that may be… and that we will continue to trust Him fully through this process.

Thanks again for praying!  I will update tomorrow after our appointment.

2 thoughts on “31-week update and prayer requests…

  1. You look amazing Nikki!!! Praying that all goes well with the docs and that the boys hang on a little longer!!!

  2. You look great, especially for having twins! We are praying for you, Nate and the boys!

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