One of the best ways to get a smile out of me…

Yesterday afternoon, a few of my favorite people came to visit me since it was kind of a rough day.

Of course their sweet mama (my big sister) came with them, but we didn’t take any pictures of her.

Jane Bradley came over to show me the video of her “concert” (end of the year program at her preschool) because I had missed it…. we were at the specialist’s office that morning getting all of our initial news about the complications.  Since I couldn’t be there in person, she was happy to sit with me and show me the whole performance on video.  It was so cute!

Nate came home while they were hanging out with me, and since I can’t play quite as much as I used to be able to, he jumped right in for playtime.  I think it was a good break from his exams!

^ Here, Beckham has a fistfull of JB's hair. She is screaming "it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!" and Nate is laughing and saying "I dont know what to do! I dont know what to do!" He doesnt have much experience prying long hair from the death grip of a 4-month-old.

^ JB getting her feet tickled.
^ Beckham is threatening her with a long string of baby drool... she'd better watch out!

^... and he got her.
^ but she's still a good sport!

I love these two kiddos.  Being an aunt is possibly one of the absolute funnest jobs on the planet, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  And of course, they’re very excited about their cousins impending arrival.  JB always says “Nik-Nik, are those babies STILL in your tummy? why dont you take them out?”   She also tells me all of her plans for how we’re going to take care of all of these babies, and it usually involves her holding Noah, Nanny(my mom) holding Barrett, her mom holding Beckham, and me taking a nap.  Sounds good to me!     And of course Beckham just grins, which pretty much means “yall don’t know what you’re in for when the 3 of us get a little bigger.”

Thanks for cheering me up!


One thought on “One of the best ways to get a smile out of me…

  1. Dear niknik – my mom showed me your blog and you should be asware that I turned 5 months old on saturday. I know you’ve been feeling a little slow lately, but I need you to try and keep up. I don’t want the whole world thinking I’m still a baby. I am going to let it slide bc you were so sweet to include the fact that I did succeed in smearing drool all over jane bradley – that was great! Totally my favorite part. Tell barrett and noah hello for me – can’t wait to meet them at the train table in a few months!
    Love and drool,

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