I promise we’re not crazy…

Nate started installing new floors in the house today.

This might seem a little random and unexpected, given everything we’ve been dealing with this past week and the not-so-great news we received this morning, but that’s okay.   I mentioned on my birthday post that my gift from Nate was new flooring for the living/dining area and kitchen.  He’s been saying that he wanted to go ahead and put them down after his exams were over and before the babies arrived, and we assumed that we would have about a month or so to get it taken care of.    Well…… it looks like we might not have quite that long.

After our appointment today, Nate went and took his last exam, then promptly came home and started ripping out the carpet.  He says that if he’s going to get this project done pre-babies, then he’d better get started.  It will be much harder to tackle it after they get here, and we definitely don’t want to be halfway finished and have the babies show up right in the middle of the project, especially if we have family coming in town.

Plus, on top of all of those reasons, we have 3 days of nothing but waiting for our appointment with the specialist on Thursday to find out whether or not we’ll have the blood transfusion.  This project provides a great distraction and something for us to focus on while we’re waiting.  Since it’s only a 2-day project (our house is really small), Nate should be able to get it knocked out pretty quickly.  And it’s not real hardwood-  it’s a laminate plank flooring that snaps down, so there will be no sanding, sealing, or anything.

Here’s where we stand at the moment:

^ lots of concrete, but no more nasty carpet! Hooray! The couch is migrating around the room as Nate works b/c it is too big to move out.
^ignore the curtains. They're actually full panels, but we have them looped up so they won't get dirty while we're working. Also ignore the light fixture hanging down in the middle of the room.

Nate also figured that while he’s working in there, he might as well do another project that I’ve been begging for.  He is finally getting rid of the ugliest light fixture in the history of the universe and replacing it with a cute chandelier that a friend gave us.   Seriously, it was ugly.

^ This triple halogen fixture was mounted to the ceiling and put out harsh light onto the dining room table. Plus it just looked stupid up there. And it was off-center. I hated it!

But now he’s replacing it with this:

^ cute little iron fixture that will work perfectly in our tiny dining area. And it was free!

Needless to say, we will definitely have a nice distraction for the next few days while we’re working on this project, which is just what we need.  And when I say “we,” you should know that I mean Nate.  But I’ll be cheering him on from the couch!


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