Practicing with the new camera…

Nate and I have both tried to spend a little bit of time playing around with the settings on the camera.  He has a little more flexibility than I do because he goes all over our big backyard with the pets, and it’s a little better to use live subjects in natural light, I think.  The knick-knacks sitting near the recliner aren’t nearly as interesting, but I’ll work with what I’ve got.

^ Our engagement picture and our wedding invitation are both framed and sit on a table in the living room near my recliner.

The frame on the invitation is kind of a matte silver, but its still pretty reflective.  Any tips on how to balance out a reflective surface?

I also have some pictures of a vase, some candles, a little footstool, my toes….etc.  I won’t bore you with those (:   Eventually though, I got up to go to the bathroom and decided to detour to the nursery on my way back for a couple of minutes.  I took a few pictures in there, just to shake things up.  The nursery isnt completely finished yet – we still have another crib to get (but they wont need it for awhile because they’ll share), my sister is painting the artwork for the walls, and there are a few things that we will put into storage for the future once Nate has a little free time…like the highchairs, a bunch of bigger-sized diapers, and other things that the boys won’t need for awhile.   Anyway- all this is to say that the nursery isnt fully complete, so I’m not showing you a full room picture until it is!  But here are a few shots of things in the meantime.

^ one of the cribs.... the other will be identical. It will eventually have artwork hanging above it, but its not finished yet.
^I love the adorable mobile!
^ A closeup of the bumper pads and sheet
^ the little animals embroidered all over the place are so cute
^ a full view of the comforter
^ a close-up of a portion of the comforter
^the sweet little stuffed giraffe that hangs in the corner of the crib. It's actually a sound machine!

Once the nursery is totally finished – which might not happen till after the boys get here! – I will post a picture of the whole room.  Just know that I have the most ADORABLE wall art EVER being painted by my big sister and I can’t wait to show you!  Plus my trusty recliner will get moved in there at some point, but right now it’s busy blocking the front door and pointing me towards the TV.

After I took a few inside shots, Nate took the camera outside and got some good ones out there.  Here’s what he came back with:

One of these days we are going to graduate to taking pictures of people instead of random objects and our pets.  Anybody want to come over here and sit beside me and model?  Because I’m not letting Nate learn by taking pictures of me….  I can’t say that I’m at my most photogenic these days (:

One thought on “Practicing with the new camera…

  1. Regarding the reflective surface…

    The best pictures are taken in natural light, as you probably know.

    But, if you have to use a flash, get an external flash and aim it up so it bounces it off the ceiling. It gives a very even, diffused light with no red-eye, no shadows, and no hot spots (annoying light on subjects forehead and/or nose).

    If you can’t aim it up to bounce off ceiling, or…say, you don’t have a low ceiling or are outside or whatnot, then you can put an omni-bounce on the external flash, and it should diffuse the light also.

    Have fun with the new camera!

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