Monday’s doctor’s appointment…

If you haven’t already read about what has been going on with our twins, Noah and Barrett, please take a second to read this post and get caught up… otherwise this won’t make much sense!    I also want to thank everyone who has reached out to us over the past several days. Your support and encouragement have been amazing, and we can’t thank you enough.  We are so grateful for all of the people who are covering our little family in prayer.

This morning was my second appointment with the specialist.   Normally my appointments with him won’t be quite this close together, but I am supposed to be monitored every few days (the 2 doctors are going to alternate) and my regular OBGYN is out of town. So instead of taking the risk of me going too long in between appointments, he decided to see me twice in a row.  I am so thankful for such cautious doctors!   My normal schedule from now on will be to see the specialist on Mondays and my regular doctor on Thursdays.

I was nervous before this visit, because I kept thinking “what if they catch something else that they didn’t see on Friday?”  Plus, I had a whole list of questions for the doctor now that we’ve had time to think a little more clearly, and I was afraid that I might get scary answers.   But I knew I had no control over any of that, so the best thing to do was just hand it over to God with all the rest of my worries and fears and concerns, and pray that the appointment would go well.

The ultrasound and monitoring went really well.  It showed that their blood is still clear and showing no signs of being affected by my blood right now.  They also did BPP’s (Bio-Physical Profiles) again, and they both scored 8 out of 8 – perfect scores!  Basically, all of this means that they are happy, healthy, and showing no signs of distress or complications, despite everything that is going on.   Praise the Lord for healthy babies (:

I also had the chance to ask all sorts of questions about both the blood issue and the skeletal dysplasia, and the doctor was very gracious to answer every single question on my list.   None of the answers were too terribly scary or hard to hear, and I was thankful that none of it felt like more bad news.

Speaking of my doctor, I should definitely mention that I feel like I have the greatest two doctors on the planet.   My regular obgyn is so sweet and kind, and she has been so great with us over the past several years as we have dealt with my various medical issues.  She is also very cautious and conservative, which in my case has been extremely beneficial because she has caught things that other doctors might not have noticed, or might have decided to just “watch” instead of acting on it.   That was the case with these issues with the boys, and if she hadn’t decided to immediately send me to a specialist with special equipment, these blood issues might have gone by unnoticed and put their lives at risk.  Because of her, we will be able to catch the problem and act before it elevates to levels that could threaten them or cause long-term damage.

I feel the same way about the specialist.  On Friday, I felt like I was his only patient.  We spent almost 3 hours in the exam room while he checked and rechecked every aspect of my little boys.  He sat there and talked us through the issues with a compassion and gentleness that I never would have expected, and he was so in tune with our needs.  He answered questions and wouldn’t let us go home until we had regained our composure and had some time to think through everything.    When we were leaving, we saw that he had several other patients waiting, but I would never have known.

Today was kind of the same way.   He was happy to spend extra time with me, and he reassured me that even after the boys arrive, we won’t be left to handle everything on our own.  We will be guided the entire way and given lots of help with whatever adjustments need to be made.  He promised me that we won’t be “abandoned and left to figure everything out through Google,” —haha—– but that we would be walked through every step with whatever specialist we need.  It was so comforting to know that I don’t have to figure out all the answers and be afraid that I am going to miss something!  I am just so thankful that God has provided great doctors to watch over these two precious boys, and I have no doubt that he will continue to do so as things progress.

I am planning to do a post soon that will tell a little more about some of the specifics…so much of it is so technical and everything that it would have been hard to explain it all in yesterday’s post without writing too long.  I figured it was long enough already!  But for those who are interested, I’ll tell you a little more about the 2 specific issues we’re looking at and about some of the questions that the doctors answered for us.   Our friends and family have had lots of questions, so I will provide some of those answers here…… but it might be one of those posts that alot of people will just want to skip over or skim.

In the mean time, I am going to keep my feet up, enjoy feeling these boys tickle my belly, take a nap, and excitedly wait for Nate to get home so I can get a big hug and kiss from the love of my life (:


2 thoughts on “Monday’s doctor’s appointment…

  1. I LOVE THOSE BABIES! And I want to hold them both at the same time and love and kiss them!

  2. Nikki. Laurie and I r praying 4 ya’ll. Your updates r so inspiring, informative and well written I cried a little 4 u. We will continue 2 pray.God will shepherd u thru this. His people will support u.God will be glorified in this We love u all.

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